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Theme roundup: Generative design
Sooner, than later
Brain-computer interfaces: Newly developed electrodes transmit more robust signals to restore motion in people with damaged spinal cords - San Diego State University, ScienceDaily

'Psychological vaccination': Inoculating the public against misinformationSander van der Linden, Anthony Leiserowitz, Seth Rosenthal, and Edward Maibach, Global Challenges journal

Dubai will get self-flying taxis later this year - Leslie Josephs, Quartz

Electric cars are set to arrive far more speedily than anticipated - The Economist

Large-scale quantum computing prototype on horizon - Jeffrey Burt, The Next Platform

'The genome of Chenopodium quinoa' (making this superfood cheaper?) - David Jarvis, Yung Ho, Damien Lightfoot, Sandra Schmöckel, et al, Nature

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