MARCH 2019
with Marc Andreessen and Brian Koppelman
There's been an explosion of creativity post internet -- for TV, it's arguably a Golden Age. Where is all this creativity coming from? And how do all of us unlock our creativity, whether in making art, products, or living our best lives? This set of conversations features Brian Koppelman -- co-showrunner of Billions (the latest season drops today) -- who interviews Marc Andreessen, and vice versa. The episodes cover the parallels between showrunning and running a startup; the difference between a hallucination vs. a vision; and how to do the work... both inside and out.
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with George Church and Jorge Conde
Known for his groundbreaking work in genome editing, writing, and recoding -- and methods used for the first genome sequence -- George Church is professor at Harvard & MIT and also founder of the renowned Church Lab. In this conversation that took place in Boston, a16z bio general partner Jorge Conde -- who among other things founded a company with Church out of the lab -- takes us on a wild journey into the scientist’s mind and work. What does the leading pioneer in the space make of where we are today with CRISPR (especially given recent news about babies in China); what are broader cultural implications?
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with Frank Chen and Ken Kocienda 
Software engineer Ken Kocienda, who worked at Apple in the final years of the Jobs era (the so-called "Golden Age of Apple") -- offers an inside look at Apple’s creative process in his widely acclaimed book, Creative Selection. He shares those lessons with a16z operating partner (and a former product VP) Frank Chen around software design and product management, delving into novel user interface experiments and the deep questions companies face around organizing creativity. Did waiting for Steve Jobs to make decisions slow decision-making? Was there too much hero worship at Apple?
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with Jeff Jordan
Every company wants to grow. But once you -- as CEO, product manager, or head of revenue -- actually get growth, how do you then sustain it? It's not just luck or an accident of circumstance: The best entrepreneurs fight gravity by planning, projecting, and building new innovations to layer on top of the core business -- “adding layers to the cake”. Using examples from companies he's worked with, a16z general partner Jeff Jordan shares mindsets for entrepreneurs on how to change their growth trajectory once they go beyond their initial markets. 
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with Marc Andreessen, Brian Caplan, Connie Chan, Frank Chen, Sonal Chokshi, D'arcy Coolican, Li Jin
Education is clearly top of mind, but what's the case against education (when it comes to investing more time and money)? What comes next as software helps unlock both student and teacher creativity -- and enables new business models at all levels, from pre-schools to universities to post-graduate work? And is there anything entrepreneurs can borrow from mobile and lifelong education apps, services, and monetization approaches in China? 
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