with Jorge Conde and Vijay Pande
What happens when we hit the “read/write” stage of biology (as our new general partner on the bio fund argues we have)? It means we can increasingly program biological systems -- whether it’s gene editing with CRISPR or other genetic engineering tools. But the second derivative of read/write is to enable insight/design: On the read side, this means not just generating data, but also fundamentally and deeply understanding it in ways we couldn’t before. And on the write side, this means not just editing, but also designing with, biology. In fact, biology will become its own creative medium...
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with Frank Chen, Sonal Chokshi, Jeff Cordova, Chris Dixon, Vijay Pande, and Chad Rigetti
Quantum computing -- which unlike classical computing, is based on nature’s more complex operating system of quantum mechanics -- will take the world by surprise, suddenly tipping over as if Moore’s law itself sped up like Moore’s law. But what will the killer app be? And how can developers and companies build for -- and use -- quantum computing right now, before it surpasses classical computing in a given domain forever? You have to fundamentally rethink algorithms, just as with previous waves of high-performance computing before it. But luckily, software and the cloud provides a map to move quantum computing from a science problem to an engineering one...
with Martin Casado, Sharon Chang, Ben Horowitz, and Alex Rampell
The stance too often among technical founders is that their new widget has obvious intrinsic value -- surely people will understand not only what’s important about it, but also the dollar value attached to it. The reality is: No matter how cool that widget is, until you go to market, it doesn’t exist. This is especially true when trying to create, not just enter, an existing market category. So how then do you price, market the product, and more? How do you create more routes to market while also displacing competitors? And finally, how do you design the right sales channel and distribution strategy for your business?
by Scott Kupor
Where has the initial public offering gone? That’s a question the capital markets have been asking for some time, and is a leading concern of the SEC, too. But this question matters beyond those interested in investing in, regulating, or even starting companies -- startups going public is good for the overall economy, from creating jobs to funding retirement obligations. So wherefore and whither the IPO? And what can we do about it?
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by a16z et al
It’s no secret that a16z is full of avid readers -- our winter list included everything from Nike entrepreneur Phil Knight’s memoir and two Hamilton tributes to musings on Russian high finance and internet security alike. Not to be outdone, our summer list contains a biography of Queen Victoria, double appearances by author Douglas Hofstadter, two books that involve uploading consciousness… and everything in between. Also included below is a roundup of what to check out if you're interested in crypto tokens and ICOs -- as well as all of our book podcasts so far -- and what to watch for some summer reflection and inspiration. 
here's a list of 16(x3) books we're reading this summer
crypto tokens: a roundup
podcasts with authors of new books

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