Any company that wants an effective culture has to answer one fundamental question: Who are we? 

For Ben Horowitz, "Who you are is not the values you list on the wall. It’s not what you say at an all-hands. It’s not your marketing campaign. It’s not even what you believe. It’s what you do."

In other words... what you do is who you are.

Ben's new book aims to help teams and businesses create a purposeful culture that can weather the good times and the bad.

In the book, Ben examines four intriguing models of leadership and culture-building well outside the usual business case studies:
  • Haiti’s Toussaint Louverture, the leader of the only successful slave revolt in history 
  • the Samurai, who ruled Japan for seven hundred years and shaped modern Japanese culture 
  • Genghis Khan, who built the world’s largest empire 
  • Shaka Senghor, an American ex-con who created a formidable prison gang and ultimately transformed prison culture.
What You Do Is Who You Are is now available on shelves and at online booksellers.
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