WEEKLY NEWSLETTER, 26 September 2014 
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On ‘dark talent’, MOOCs, universities ... and startups - Vijay Pande, a16z

Mining the microbiome for medicines The Economist 

Raising capital: This is the advice we give our founders Jamie McGurk & Stephen McDermid, a16z

Why did Docker catch on quickly and why is it so interesting? - Adrian Cockcroft, The New Stack

How one Silicon Valley exec landed her first Fortune 500 board seat - Danielle Lussier with Michael Copeland, a16z

The iPad is the microwave oven of computing - Matthew Guay, Techinch 

Why (some) innovators hate MBAs Nathan Furr, Inc. 

An attempt to explain what bitcoin is and why it matters in 10 minutes - Fred Ehrsam, Google Zeitgeist 

A primer on deep learning - Dallin Akagi, DataRobot

Do gut bacteria rule our minds? Targeting the microbiome - Jeffrey Norris, University of California, San Francisco
On software eating... Hollywood
On rethinking popular memes
Focus groups are useless - Erika Hall, Medium

Why we (still) need software testing - Steven Sinofsky, Learning by Shipping

Building learning and fun into your applications - Daniel Cook, Lostgarden
On things we don't talk about enough 
It's hard to be an entrepreneur - The Economist 

Depression is more prevalent than we think - Roni Jacobson, The Atlantic 

Talking about what we don't know - Marie Connelly, The Pastry Box
On tech and the times we live in
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