10 things we're reading
How to spot visualization lies - Nathan Yau, FlowingData

Mass entertainment in the digital age is still about blockbusters - Gady Epstein, Economist

How to 'play' mathematics by learning from the world around us - Margaret Wertheim, Aeon 

On money, blockchains, social scalability (and institutions) - Nick Szabo 

New tax laws that impact small business owners in 2017 - John Rampton, Entrepreneur

What software engineers make around the world - 2017 State of Salaries, Hired

Why the falling cost of light matters - Tim Harford, BBC

Immigration and the rise of innovation - Ufuk Akcigit, John Grigsby, and Tom Nicholas, National Bureau of Economic Research 

Missing growth from 'creative destruction'Philippe Aghion, Antonin Bergeaud, Timo Boppart, Peter Klenow, and Huiyu Li, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Adversarial attacks on neural network policiesSandy Huang, Nicolas Papernot, Ian Goodfellow, Yan Duan, and Pieter Abbeel
Facing AI
Smart machines are not a threat to humanity - Alan Bundy, Communications of the ACM 

Pros and cons of the 'code-dependent' algorithm age - various, Pew Research Center

In your face: Aging with conditional generative adversarial networksGrigory Antipov, Moez Baccouche, and Jean-Luc Dugelay, Orange Labs

Funny face: Convolutional neural network for humor recognitionLei Chen and Chong Min Lee, Educational Testing Service

Face off: Learning to become aggressive... or cooperate - Joel Leibo, Vinicius Zambaldi, Marc Lanctot, Janusz Marecki, and Thore Graepel, DeepMind
Breakthroughs & Trends: Not so crazy after all 
Making, fast and slow 
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