WJCS: Promoting Child and Family Well-Being
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Addressing child and family needs is a critical part of reducing the risks associated with child abuse and neglect. 

WJCS is grateful to Westchester County and New York State Office of Children and Family Services for their funding of preventative, trauma-informed groups for families who have experienced domestic violence.  Living with domestic violence significantly impacts children and the entire family and increases the risk for child abuse and maltreatment.  WJCS groups are designed to enhance parenting skills, increase protective factors and support children and families to live lives free of violence and abuse.  Protective factors help parents access community resources, connect to others and learn coping strategies that help them to parent effectively, even under stress.  Increases in protective factors and increased parenting skills are linked to reduced risk of child abuse.  (US Department of Health and Human Services and the New York State Child and Family Trust Fund). 

Women living with domestic violence often focus on their children’s and their own immediate physical safety and do not always have the opportunity to think about and address the emotional and psychological impact of the violence.
WJCS promotes child and family well-being through support groups and other initiatives offered through the WJCS Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse.


Funded through the New York State Child and Family Trust Fund, the Empowering Moms and Kids group, offered through the WJCS Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse, provides a safe and comfortable place for moms to talk with our professional trauma therapists and each other about issues related to domestic violence.  Empowering Moms and Kids provides a series of structured groups and case management for women and their young children.

Be an advocate for children!  Let your elected officials know these programs are important to you. Click here to read important facts from the New York State Child and Family Trust Fund and Prevent Child Abuse New York. These programs save lives and tax-payer dollars.

Click here to email your Assembly Member about the importance of these programs.

Click here to email your Senator about the importance of these programs.


Funded by the Westchester County Youth Bureau, WJCS Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse offers an going trauma-informed group for parents of young children who have been affected by domestic violence.  The sessions cover pertinent topics including managing stress, techniques for discipline, positive communication, the role of fatherhood, families in crisis and family legal concerns.
As components of the Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse of WJCS, these initiatives are part of a network of research-validated, trauma-informed programs that promote the long-term well-being of children and families.

Click here to read more about these programs and the WJCS Treatment Center for Trauma and Abuse.
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