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Finding Your Place: A Look Into Cannabis Real Estate

For recreational cannabis, it's a matter of location, location, location, Cannabis Property Brokers CEO Nickolas Calkins said Thursday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Thursday. 

Calkins shed light upon some of the struggles that entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry face in a conversation with Mike DiLaura, partner at Cannabis Attorneys of Michigan. 

“You have to understand there's a very, very select number of grow operations in the state of Michigan. We have over 1,700 ...

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'A Very Quick Set Of Answers': Zefyr's Chairman On Democratizing Data In The Cannabis Industry

David Skul, chairman at Dener-based Zefyr, a cannabis-focused data company, spoke Thursday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Detroit about democratizing data in an industry in which information is incredibly scarce to come by.

Zephyr Dash is an AI platform that merges public and private data to output market analysis that give users answers to sales, distribution, marketing and advertising questions.

“It brings you some really ...

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Calvin Johnson's Cannabis Company To Partner With Harvard On CTE, Pain Studies

Two former Detroit Lions plan to work with Harvard University in the hopes of increasing the understanding of the role cannabis may play in treating the debilitating the brain damage that strikes many football players.

What Happened

Former players Calvin Johnson, better known as "Megatron," and Rob Sims, who co-own the cannabis company Primitive, announced Thursday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference they’ll partner with Harvard's International Phytomedicines and Medical Cannabis Institute on the possible use of cannabis to treat chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the brain damage that plagues many football players.

Sims and Johnson will also donate research money to the Harvard facility.

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Kiva Sales And Service Partners With Jetty Extracts For Distribution And Sales

Kiva Sales and Services (KSS) has announced a distribution partnership with Jetty Extracts, one of the largest vape brands in California.

Jetty will join sales and distribution platform alongside edible brand KIVA Confections (Kiva), Humboldt Apothecary, Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Nasha, Joiant and CANN, adding to the robust portfolio of ingestibles, inhalables and topicals offered to dispensaries.

Jetty products will be available in the California market through KSS for ...

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cannabisMD Announces New Partnership With Think20 Labs

The influx of CBD products flooding the market has created a big need for testing cannabis and CBD products to ensure safety and quality. Food fraud and drug counterfeiting are on the rise and pose a significant threat to public health and safety- and this remains an issue for CBD products.

Seeking to address this issue, cannabisMD, a non-advocacy consumer education platform, has joined forces with Think20 Labs, a lab testing company with a mission to ensure that CBD products are ...

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Glass House Group Vape And Concentrate Manufacturer F/ELD

Glass House Group on Friday announced it has entered a binding agreement to purchase 100% of the stock and interests of F/ELD in an all-stock deal.

Los Angeles-based F/ELD is a manufacturer of cannabis vapes and concentrates and has won several awards for their products over the past several years.

Glass House Group, formerly California Cannabis Enterprises, comprises of Glass House Farms, ...

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California's Legal Cannabis Market To Reach $3.1B In 2019 Sales, Report Says

A new report by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics projects California’s legal cannabis market to reach $3.1 Billion in 2019 Sales. The firms are forecasting a 19% compound annual growth rate over the next five years, which will place annual consumer spending at $7.2 billion in 2024.

"Despite the burdens imposed on the legal market by regulators, with a $2.7 billion gross domestic product, California has the world's largest legal cannabis market and will continue to until federal legalization makes it merely a part of the larger U.S. market," said Tom Adams, Managing Director and ...

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A Couple Data Points On The Main Drivers Of Cannabis Stock Investing

A recent user survey conducted by revealed that state legislation regarding marijuana legalization is driving investor interest in pot stocks.

Looking into 8 million users across the U.S., they found that investors in states that had legalized marijuana showed the a much greater interest in investing in the substance, with Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Alaska and California ranking as the top five states for investor interest.'s partner on the survey, SEMrush also found a drastic increase in Google searches for pot socks ...

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What You Should Know About Illinois' Updated Medical Marijuana Rules

By Green Thumb Industries Inc (OTC: GTBIF).

The Illinois legislature passed SB 2023, with House Amendments 1 and 2, and it is awaiting Governor Pritzker’s signature. This is a summary of the significant changes that the “Bill” makes to the Program.

Makes the program permanent: The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program was a pilot program and was set to expire in 2020. The Bill repeals the current 2020 sunset date, removes its pilot program designation, and makes conforming changes by removing “pilot” from various acts.

Adds debilitating medical conditions: Broadens what qualifies as a “debilitating medical condition”:

  • Autism
  • chronic pain
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • migraines
  • osteoarthritis
  • anorexia nervosa
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
  • Neuro-Behcet’s Autoimmune Disease
  • neuropathy
  • polycystic kidney disease
  • superior canal dehiscence syndrome

Broadens who can certify patients: Currently, only physicians can certify a debilitating medical condition for a qualifying patient after a physical examination of the person. The Bill allows advanced practice registered nurses (“APRN”), who must have a controlled substances license, and physician assistants (“PA”) to also qualify as certifying health care professionals.

Patients can now make immediate changes to their designated dispensary: The Bill provides that DPH shall provide for immediate changes of a registered qualifying patient’s designated registered dispensing organization. Currently, the patient’s new dispensary must advise the patient that the designated dispensary on file with IDPH has been changed, then notify the old dispensary that the designation has changed and the patient may no longer purchase there, and then notify IDPH of the change and receive confirmation that IDPH has updated its database.

This process was originally intended to prevent “dispensary shopping” because there was up to a 24-hour delay in reflecting a person’s purchases, but IDPH has updated its technology system so that it tracks a person’s purchase of medical cannabis immediately. The Bill requires that DPH must provide for the patient’s changed dispensary immediately to reflect this.

No flower sales or paraphernalia sales to patients under age 21: DPH requested this change so cannabis rules would match with tobacco restrictions. Currently, DPH may not issue medical cannabis cards to patients under 18 except in limited circumstances, such as when the patient has epilepsy. Patients under 18 who are approved by DPH are prohibited from consuming cannabis except for medical cannabis infused products, and from purchasing any usable cannabis. The Bill changes this so that patients under 21 years of ...

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PharmaCielo Announces Expansion In Latin America Through Veterinary CBD Partnership

Canada-based PharmaCielo Ltd (OTC: PHCEF), one of the largest cannabis companies operating in Colombia, announced this week it's teaming up with Uruguay-based Laboratorios Adler to supply the latter with CBD isolate and oil extracts for veterinary use.

This is PharmaCielo’s first foray into the growing CBD-based animal treatment market, and gives the company a foothold in several Latin American countries including Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Southern Brazil.

As part ...

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Coleman Young Jr. On Social Equity In Cannabis: 'A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats'

Social equity, the idea of righting historical wrongs, has always been a hot button issue within the cannabis industry.

At the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference on Thursday, Ira Weinstein, a partner at CohnReznick; consultant Coleman Young Jr.; and Ken Bryant, owner of Medicine Man of Ann Arbor and member of the Michigan Regulatory Agency's social equity advisory board, sat down for a panel discussion on how companies can embrace this idea and even utilize it as a competitive advantage. 

Don’t miss ...

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Global Alliance For Cannabis Commerce Launches In Los Angeles

Article originally posted on LA Weekly, provided to Benzinga Cannabis by the author.

A new national advocacy organization has launched in Los Angeles to advocate and educate lawmakers on the path towards federal cannabis legalization. Mr. Jason Beck, a longtime Angeleno who was born with cerebral palsy and an early medical cannabis patient, spearheaded the creation of the new organization.  The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) will focus on legislation including, cultivation, manufacture, distribution, public safety, and taxation of medical and adult-use cannabis.

The GACC also recently released the first comprehensive model federal cannabis legislation, which includes the interests of multiple stakeholders:  patients, industry, public policy officials, public safety officials, and communities adversely affected by prior laws and policies.

GACC’s model policies also creates a two-track framework for the Food and Drug Administration and Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to safely control the cultivation, manufacture, and distribution of cannabis products in and between legal states. Objectives include, providing patients with safe access, eliminating impediments to U.S. investments, providing guidance for investment in communities harmed by cannabis prohibition, the education of law enforcement, and the expungement of criminal records for misdemeanor cannabis offenses. GACC will also advocate in Washington on issues important to Los Angeles-based cannabis businesses, including interstate and international trade and adopting critical mechanisms to expand LA’s cannabis industry into new markets.  

Mr. Beck has been a dispensary owner since 2001, starting in San Francisco and opening one of the first dispensaries in West Hollywood. He ...

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Front Range Bio Acquires Hemp Genomics Co. Steep Hill

Front Range Biosciences, an agricultural biotech company that specializes in high-value crops like cannabis and hemp, announced this week its acquisition of Steep Hill’s Genomics Research & Development team.

Through this partnership, FRB will further build out its IP library and accelerate key research in the pursuit of healthy and dependable ...

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Canada As A 'Launching Pad': Tips For Taking Cannabis Companies Public

Barrington Miller, director of client listed services at the Canadian Securities Exchange, and Maruf Raza, partner at MNP LLP, sat down Thursday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference to discuss taking cannabis companies public.

In the last four to five years, there has been an explosion of interest in taking cannabis companies public. Going live on an exchange allows for fundraising, as well as the spreading of ownership risk. 

“Really, up until a few months ago, the first wave of U.S. companies were coming up to Canada. They were stuck and needed expansion capital,” Miller said. 

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'Setting The Standard For Product Safety': Akerna's CEO Talks Cannabis Data

Akerna Corp (NASDAQ: KERN) CEO Jessica Billingsley discussed the company’s enterprise resource planning software technology in front of cannabis entrepreneurs and investors Thursday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Detroit.

“At Akerna, we are visionaries. We innovate to meet the needs of technology and compliance, not only for today but for five, 10, 15 years in the future," Billingsley said in a keynote address. 

The company is working to bring together data points across the cannabis supply chain, she said. 

The Process, Benefits Of Tracking Cannabis

Akerna technologies give the most extensive look at cannabis from beginning to end, Billingsley said. 

Billingsley showed the audience an unmedicated gummy bear and said: “If this were ...

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