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KQED News: The Origins of "Hella"

Many Bay Area residents and Californians believe that hella — and its G-rated equivalent “hecka” — are Bay Area slang. The words, which mean “very” or “a lot of,” can be used multiple ways. You can say “I’m hella stoked” or “There were hella people at that party last night,” or even, “I was doing it for hella days.”

Stock Market Slide Could Impact Bay Area Real Estate Market

BERKELEY, Calif. (KTVU) -- The stock markets have a way of spilling over to the housing markets. Real estate experts say in uncertain times, investors turn to the housing market.

Palmer says the buyers are cash buyer from places like China, India, and Russia "that have a lot of turmoil in their home markets and are coming here and looking for safe assets."

According to Zillow's July Real Estate Market Report, home value appreciation is leveling off, but the Bay Area remains one of the hottest markets in the country.

Brad Pitt Builds 109 Homes For The Homeless In New Orleans

Brad Pitt's Make It Right's mission is to help build homes, buildings and communities for people in need, all with a focus on green living. Their team have built 109 LEED Platinum-certified homes for the homeless in an a community that was devastated by the Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Should You Install Solar Panels? Let Google Help You Decide.

Google’s been busy rebranding itself as a 21st-century jack-of-all-trades. On Monday, it announced a revolutionary way of finding an easy answer to one of the most difficult questions for climate-conscious homeowners:

Should I install solar panels?