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 Oakland City Ventures Starts Construction on 171-Unit Townhouse Project

"West Oakland is where you can be yourself and still fit in. It's a great place to work, a great place to be creative," says the video's narrator.

Among the neighborhood's assets: Its proximity to downtown San Francisco, which is seven minutes away on BART, as well as quick access to downtown Oakland, Berkeley, Rockridge and Temescal. "
West Oakland is at the center of it all," says the narrator.

The index assumes that if you want to survive a zombie onslaught, you should live in a place that has the following characteristics:

  • Low population density (less people = less zombies)
  • Access to guns (self-explanatory, to be honest)
  • People with military experience (veterans!)
  • Terrain that's difficult for zombies to traverse (when's the last time you saw one scale a cliff?)
  • Access to bodies of water (zombies can't swim, and you need water to survive)

Tech dominates San Francisco's 10 largest third-quarter leases

Demand from tech companies has driven up San Francisco's average asking rent to a record high of $66 per square foot, according to Cushman & Wakefield, prompting concerns over a bubble.

The Rise of the Mercenary Real-Estate Agent

Forget sports. The hottest free agents this season are real-estate agents.

In pursuit of more deals and commissions, real-estate agents—most of whom are independent contractors—are increasingly switching brokerage firms. And just like in the big leagues, when these players move, egos can clash.

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