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NBC Bay Area: SF Median Home Price Back Towards $1 Million

San Francisco real estate is no longer setting records. Just meeting them.The median price of a home in San Francisco in October was $999,250, shy of the $1 million record set in June, but way up from the $938,000 seen in September, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


The Washington Post: Credit scores can measure how healthy a person is, too

A new study found that people with better credit scores had better cardiovascular health.

Realty Times: Nine Reasons To Buy a House Right Now

Buying a house is like having a baby: there's no absolute perfect time to do either. Rising rates, loosening requirements, down payment options, buyer's markets, seller's markets - what does it all mean to you if you want to buy a home?


Developers on Chicago's North Side have been rapidly buying up buildings that long housed the very low-income. Now the city is trying to slow them down.
Top Producer in 2013/2014 ytd: #1 agent in Oakland in number of home purchases closed.
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