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Bay Area residents are now looking for homes in Seattle and Portland

Twenty five percent of Bay Area residents on are now looking for homes outside of the Bay Area. That compares to one in seven residents who did so in 2011.

LG unveils a super-thin OLED TV you can stick to a wall

The new OLED panel measures 55 inches diagonally, weighs 4.2 pounds and is only 0.97mm (0.04 inches) thick. Best of all — you can simply stick it to a wall with a magnetic mat.

San Francisco's Median Rent Climbs to a Whopping $4,225!!

Tiny Wind & Solar Powered Home Lets You Live Off the Grid

Ecocapsules, designed by Bratislava-based Nice Architects, promise to let anyone live off the grid for up to a year. Each unit is equipped with solar panels, a retractable wind-turbine, and a design that captures rain water.

Redfin: Home Buying and Selling Calendar

Home buying and selling is a big deal — and knowing how and when to start the process can be daunting. Check out this great step-by-step infographic to guide you through the process.
398 Adams St # 304 - Lake Merritt
05.22.15 - $335,000

Represented first-time buyers on this condos near Lake Merritt! 

Thanks Mark Dubois at BHG Highland Partners!
808 Broadway St - Hayward
05.21.15 - $310,000

"Kenny and his partner Mayury make an excellent team. They sold my house and found me a new house in 21 days. They are very professional and the team they work is outstanding."

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