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Summer sweetness…

This year again, we were joined by a new swarm of bees.  They hovered in the sun near the forest, coagulated on a branch, and took about a day to find the cleaned boxes waiting for them.  They are going nuts in the raspberry blooms. I find myself bouncing atop a lawnmower with a ten year old boy perched behind me, outsized feet trying to stay planted on the wheel wells.  We’re both smiling pretty big, dodging the low-hanging branches of the fruit trees that line the driveway.  Real-live video games: an obstacle course of sneaky passways and quick decision-making.  Actually, he started there as ballast.  The acerage on which I live has some dips and hills steep enough that my skinny butt can’t give the back wheels enough traction on the way up.  Really what we need to do is get an excavator in here and turn the biggest hill into a natural pool… but that’s a little drastic at the moment.  Right now, we’re at ducklings in the kiddie pool level.  The little peepers spend their days below my porch and the cuteness is killing me.  I can’t wait until they follow me turning up slugs in the gardens.
Chris Pate's new work "Entrenched", a commentary on social and ecological issues.  While the woodfiring workshop and Nanagama was difficult for me, I am delighted to see such high-quality work as this emerge from the story of that labor. 

In an important note from local woodfire, the East Creek Anagama is changing hands following Nils’ passing.  The community has gathered together to fund the purchase of an easement on the land on which Nils Lou and his friends built the kiln.  Its all going down right now, and loans are still greatly appreciated.  I have committed to loaning money to the gentlemen who will make their offer on the 20 acres.  If you are interested in knowing more about how to keep this historically vibrant kiln in use by the very good people who fire her, reply and I will forward the pertinent email.  Personally, I feel an excitement about the nature of the attitude that surrounds the kiln.  It is not rarefied and exclusive.  There are lots of people and particularly, lots of students!  This is the experiential education close to my heart.
My friend and firing mate Chris Pate who fires at many kilns including East Creek will be having a small show with his friend Jonathan Steele at the Ash St Project during the first weekend of July.  Pate, generally a potter, has started to voice some of his thoughts about culture and environment in sculptural work.  In a recent spontaneous mezcal-fueled critique, he was largely sober, and I was impressed by his articulate thoughts on the new work.  Check it out.
This weekend is the last of extended days of opportunity to purchase shares in Portland’s first Community Supported Art, brought to you by the devotion of Jason Kappus, administrator of my beloved Portland Open Studios.  I am participating, as is Mandy Stigant, Therese Murdza, and a variety of other talented makers.  It's a very interesting idea, well presented and financially sustainable.  I hope to participate in the future as well. 
May your summer be sweet and green- mine is going to full of construction dust!
such a luxury that a few perennials are getting strong enough to clip....
a treasure found in the oregano
Pate and Jonathan have a show at Ash St July 10 and 11
scanning the wing bowl at Dependable Patternworks
apparently he rides a Ducati.  Normally, these people make jet engine parts.
it had all kinds of colors and topographical lines on it until he was done
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