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The promise (threat?!) of NCECA’s pending arrival in Portland was really the last straw.  I’m finally taking a business class to nail down a plan for how to move forward offering this line of work to restaurants.  I’ve spent too many years doing the groundwork.  Granted it is quite awkward to analyze myself from the perspective of a viable business, but I want to build something sustainable out of this love.  Ain’t no time like the present!  Mercy Corps NW has some amazing resources for the price.  Amazing, I tell you.  What they are accomplishing with public money makes me want to pay taxes.  I’m also delving into Portland Community College’s Small Business Development Center with equal pleasure.  I’m proud to work for the same school, even if it is only one day a week.
my design, made by Mudshark Studios.  ready for pre-orders now :)
           Meanwhile, I have samples back from Mudshark Studios of the first of many items I work to see them make for me.  Here we have a one-gallon fermentation crock.  I am currently hustling for pre-sales on a minimum order of 100 units from them, so if you know of a nice little market or shop in your city that might be interested in an item as high-end as it is beautifully functional, please do let me know.  Better yet, if you can make a personal contact with them that leads to a sale, I would very happily send you and your spice a little “mermaid” mug as a thank you! (photo in the side-bar)
In other news, my new land delights me as I observe it now in the growing season.  If I were a bird, I could eat approximately 738 gallons of Himalayan blackberry fruit this summer!  But even I with long arms will be able to reach 47 of them.  There are, oh, 53 elderberry shrubs on the site (a valuable medicinal) quietly drowning in blackberry brambles, scores of indian plum, and 3273 wild purple irises popping up in the unmowed grasses.  Swoon!!
I rest by the pond overgrown with horsetail and skunk cabbage, the former apparently, a particularly valuable compost.  I rise, disturbing an enormous (7’ wingspan?) great blue heron.  Dear to me from childhood, these leggy birds with such a startling creaky croak would stand on the pool screen of our Florida home, suspended above their prey the lizards that would climb up the screen to bask in the sun.  Much to my parents’ chagrin, they would stab their beaks straight through the screen in pursuit.  To think that my new land hosts such graceful creatures is deeply moving.  I dread the thought of the machinery I will inevitably have to bring in, gnashing metal teeth on hydraulic arms, oh! 
…. But thoughtfully done, the hand of the human can clear a way for more of Nature’s strengths, and this brings me solace while spurring me to research as well as I possibly can how to wield that sword….
wild iris and yummy daisies
the mermaid mug, my first project with Mudshark
from Pop, in Cuba, on business...
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