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 Through the open door of my office, I look across my brightly Rasta colored studio into the vivid yellow of the kitchen as Yelena rises to pour hot water over the tea leaves that calm us every day: nettle, red clover, and lemon balm.  It is a pleasure to share them, though I probably need the calming more than she does.   She has a gentle spirit and easy curiosity, wonderful qualities in someone who will spend the next two years with me here as my studio assistant.  A recent graduate of Oregon College of Art and Craft, she had been making clay flutes and Udu drums.  Now she is delving into pottery with me, as she makes some career decisions by observing mine.  A cheerful and hard worker, she has already been a godsend as I scramble to complete my tasks.  Here’s her website.
Yelena Vergulyanets
     We share much more than tea.  With her strong Russian heritage and close-knit church community, I find myself curious in my own turn about her perspective on big and little pictures, historical and current events.  Mindful of the line between a personal and professional relationship, I am careful in the phrasing of my questions and the content of podcasts that we may tune to.  But she is consistently relaxed, so I am beginning to feel that we are a little microcosm of what I hope current events will bring more of: conversation between neighbors across cultures. 
a taste of what's to come!  suppers at Castagna during NCECA... photo Zach Shapiro of
In other news, the planned launch of my new web store in time for NCECA is coming along nicely.  I have a loosely organized but absolutely excellent team of people who are helping me with branding and business advice, palette and photography.  My full attention is focused on that goal.  All the same, if you’re looking for my most current work in the Portland area this holiday season, you can find plates and bowls at VitrifiedStudio (connected to Guardino Gallery), cup&saucers at The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants, and soup mugs at Broth Bar.  If you have considered buying a fermentation crock, now is the time: my one-gallon crocks are ready, looking good, and on sale through the end of the year with free shipping in the lower 48.  This is my second design project with Mudshark Studios, and I hope it leads to many more.

Happy Holidays!
Holiday Sale at Woodlawn Market Dec 11
On sale through the end of the year, with free shipping 
new colors!
ice cream is hard to photograph!, but Zach did a great job
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