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Barefoot Picnics and Soter Wine          

Lets start here, and then build to mid-summer’s crescendo. The link is to purchase tickets to my long-dreamed-of barefoot fancy picnic on handmade work, in collaboration with my chef buddy Faye Holliday.  We will seat you and your friends in the dappled sun with a lap platter of locally sourced delights, and you will go home with a dessert dish to keep.  Do keep in touch if July 8th doesn’t work for you, as there may be more in the future.
In July, Eutectic Gallery has organized an exhibit focused on utilitarian work in restaurants, and with it, a website directory of where diners may find the handmade work of potters that they love in use at a local establishment (check back later for its updates).  I am elated to see this evolution of attention to the burgeoning appreciation of handmade works in the service industry.  Hats off, Brett Binford and Paul Blias!  I have been taking steps in this direction for over five years by now, so you can find my ceramics in use at Langbaan, JolieLaide, Farm Spirit, Limited Company, Biwa, and by Tournant’s kaiseki brunch with Secret Language, with more on the horizon.
           I will soon be providing ceramics for about 60 people enjoying seven courses at Soter Vineyards in a collaborative supper with Farm Spirit in honor of the International Pinot Noir Celebration at which Soter is featured.  Our collaboration grew out of a chance encounter between Tony and me, as he wanted to meet my Pop.  Tony in turn tipped his hat to his wife Michelle for pressing him to produce wine in a biodynamic way.  I deeply enjoyed my conversation with Tony; I really look forward to meeting such a lady as she, slowly steering the runaway train towards agricultural systems that both take a cue from natural systems and also educate about it!!  My delight to be working with this vineyard is far deeper than my hope for sales to their clientele: as a “deep-green” environmentalist, I respect everything about their approach.  Ten-gallon hats off, and as the French say, “santé!”
picnic lap plate for you! (don't worry, there would be more than pretty food on it :)
tickets to barefoot picnics
Tony in the garden from which they feed their guests
ambiance (with a tiny bowl by Robin Hominiuk)
postcard from Eutectic- with my buddy Lindsay's work
postcard from Eutectic- please join us first friday July 6 for the opening
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