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Fall Forward

           This morning, I found the Hidden Orchestra in Spotify, pushed play, turned the screen brightness all the way down, and just made pots for three hours straight.  Didn’t check the news; didn’t put out any fires in my email box, forgot about how badly I wish I could go to the Utilitarian Clay conference, didn’t try to find any answers to any questions… just touched the luscious porcelain for hours… Darlin’, we just have to make this a regular thing!
troubleshooting and stocking up on simple forms
I hear that patterns and habits are crucial to success.  Attitude too.  I feel like I’m finally just re-establishing them after losing the community momentum I had with my wood kiln.  But when other needs increasingly take priority over simply making the work, I bemoan not having enough hours in the day. So Joel and I were talking about attitude- he says that by some people’s estimation, his 2015 would not have been completely great, yet he called it a 10 out of 10.  And why not?  As Pop would say, “you create your own reality”.  I have 24 hours in a day, but I want to know and do so much in this life.... how, when, and who are my allies?  Delightful questions:) (that keep me up at night!)
never in a million years would I have guessed I'd enjoy CAD software!  thanks Benny Hill at OCAC for excellent instruction!!
My reality this year has been evaluating exciting learning and opportunities against “reality checks”.  I’m trying to keep my eye on a beautiful future in which I am earning a real living.  Am I participating in the vitality of the American craft resurgence?  Am I anticipating the demand from chefs of more interesting tableware?  Or am I just making a vanity line?  Time will tell.  Either way, I’m (mostly) having fun and learning new skills.  And I just took on a studio assistant!  I'll introduce you to her next edition.

Have a peaceful Fall- may we always be our best selves in this nutty, ever-changing world... 

Careen  :)
kitchen counter, coolers, chainsaw, campfire cooking wood, and a two-wheeled tractor too! looks like a good camping trip to us... :)
down by the creek: a magic spot, on those hot days especially
We had a great little campout that brought my Research Club friends together with my Battle Ground Tribe- excellent conversations and stargazing.. plenty of space for you to join us next year!  
carnivorous brambles from hell, take heed!! Joel and I and a mean little BCS machine are here to vanquish you!!
Joel called them "fir angels".  It is so awesome that he is also interested in finding sensible ways to construct using the timbers on site. Small trees will keep us warm with fire, if not roofs.
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