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This is what Atlatszo reported last week

Trianon100: maps of public spaces in Hungary named after settlements in the detached territories

For the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, we created interactive maps of Hungarian public spaces that were named after the settlements in the territories detached from the former Kingdom of Hungary in 1920. A small part of these public spaces were already named after these settlements before the Treaty of Trianon, but most of them were named or renamed between the two world wars, or after 1990.

Wealthy pro-Orbán pastor secretly took over ownership in opposition-leaning TV channel ATV

Despite the  flourishing business empire developed by the legally accredited Pentecostal church in the past decades, the amount of funds which Faith Church receives from the 1% tax donations is well behind the average of other religious organizations’ in Hungary. A new book by László Bartus, a former community member who became the pastor’s main critic, describes how did founder-reverend Sándor Németh manage to multiple his personal shares in church-founded businesses. Atlatszo and conservative weekly Magyar Hang Magazin found that Németh indeed secretly took over majority ownership in opposition-leaning TV channel ATV, assisted by an offshore company registered in Liechtenstein.

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This is what is going on in Hungary

Guardian: Hungary marks treaty centenary as Orbán harnesses 'Trianon trauma'
PM uses settlement, which took away three-fifths of territory, for nationalist agenda

Euronews: Trianon trauma: Why is the peace treaty signed 100 years ago seen as a national tragedy for Hungary?
The agreement -- although Hungarians tend to prefer descriptions such as "dictat", "trauma" or "tragedy" -- cemented the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Hungary was dismembered, losing two-thirds of its pre-war territory and almost the same proportion of its population.

NYR Daily: Viktor Orbán’s Masterplan to Make Hungary Greater Again 
The junior partner in the then-defunct empire, Hungary lost 72 percent of its land and 64 percent of its population to newly formed neighbor states, regions that nowadays primarily constitute parts of Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Serbia.

NPR: Hungary's Government Asks U.S. Media To Apologize For Critical Reports
Hungary's government has asked American news outlets to apologize for what it calls "baseless" critical coverage of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's coronavirus emergency powers. Granting Orbán special powers was the latest in a series of steps by Hungary's government that have stripped the country of its democracy, critics say.
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