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This is what Atlatszo reported last week

While there is a shortage, cabinet member’s relatives offer face masks and disinfectants for bulk sale in Hungary

While there are complaints about shortages everywhere in the country, pharmacies and stores are almost completely out of stock, and even general practitioners do not have enough masks and hand disinfectants, relatives of State Secretary for Sport Tünde Szabó are offering these for sale in bulk on Instagram.

Five Hungarians stranded in quarantine on a coronavirus-infected cruise ship near Florida

Five Hungarian crew members are stuck in quarantine at sea near Miami due to the coronavirus epidemic: the passengers of the Oasis of the Seas cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean International have been sent home, but some of the crew had to stay on board. According to American newspapers and the Hungarians working on the ship, the virus spreads quickly onboard, at least seventy people have been infected, and one person had to be taken to hospital. On Tuesday, two planes took off from Budapest to take home 257 Hungarians trapped in North America: one of the ship’s crew members had successfully registered for this plane, but due to the quarantine she can’t travel or even go ashore now.

Lockdown: the disappearing face mask

A surgical mask with two thin elastic straps will likely become a symbol of the current crisis, the extent of which has caught many governments by surprise. Shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic, millions of masks were exported from Poland and Slovakia. Medical personnel in Hungary, Slovakia and Poland are struggling with shortages of protective equipment. There is no basic information on protective clothing or the number of doctors. So far, the spread of the epidemic has been slowed down by self-isolation and a nationwide lockdowns, but it is clear that the coronavirus has exposed the weakness of the healthcare and crisis management systems.

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This is what is going on in Hungary

Atlantic: Creeping Authoritarianism Has Finally Prevailed
In Hungary, the pandemic was just an excuse.

Economist: How Hungary’s leader, Viktor Orban, gets away with it
He takes near-dictatorial powers, while the EU does nothing.

WaPo: Hungary just became a coronavirus autocracy
Will Europe respond to Orban’s power grab?

Atlantic: The EU Watches as Hungary Kills Democracy
The bloc’s failure to curb the country’s democratic decline suggests that it may not have much power at all.

Guardian: Hungarian journalists fear coronavirus law may be used to jail them
Reporters say measures are being used to deny them access to information on pandemic.
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