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This is what Atlatszo reported last week

Fake News: Italians did not swap EU flags for the Chinese one

Disappointed Italians swap EU flags for the Chinese one – this was the title of a news piece published by a Hungarian government-sponsored ethnic Hungarian news site, in Serbia, and by the far-right news site in Hungary. We investigated the origins of the story and found that in fact there was no intention of blaming the European Union for anything.

Homeless shelters face shortage of labour amid COVID-19 outbreak in Budapest

Homeless shelters in Budapest have introduced strict rules because of the current epidemic, but they are still at risk. While homeless people are losing their jobs, a shortage of social workers is making the operation of shelters difficult. We interviewed activists from two charity organisations, Menhely Alapítvány and Budapest Bike Maffia about the current situation. 

General practitioners do not get enough protective gear, many of them are in the high risk age group

There is not enough protective equipment for general practitioners in Hungary, although it is a huge loss if a doctor has to go into quarantine. Out of the 6,510 practices nearly 500 were vacant before the pandemic, and more than 600,000 people do not have a general practitioner (GP) because of this. Although authorities are constantly warning people with respiratory symptoms not to go to their GP’s surgery, still many are unaware of this or ignore the call and go to the doctor’s. Despite the risks, doctors are not equipped with appropriate protective equipment.

Drone video: this is how the EU-funded “Disneyland” of Kisvárda looks like

Atlatszo visited the native city of Miklós Seszták, Hungary’s former minister of national development (2014-2018), which has received more than EUR 61 million (HUF 20 billion) of public money in state and EU subsidies in the recent years for a handful of dubious projects. Kisvárda, a small provincial town has received money for a football stadium, a slide park, a castle, a luxury tennis academy, artificial islands, a movie park, and a “thermal water horse wellness center” too.

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This is what is going on in Hungary

NYT: Hungary PM Imposes Lockdown, Sees Coronavirus Peak by July
Hungary is imposing a two-week lockdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, which is expected to peak in the country in June or July, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.

EP: EP stands up for democracy in Hungary during COVID-19
The Civil Liberties Committee highlights that any extraordinary measure adopted by the Hungarian government in response to the pandemic must respect the EU’s founding values.

BalkanInsight: Hungarian Coronavirus Bill Will Have “Chilling Effect” on Media
Citing the fight against COVID-19, legislation before the Hungarian parliament will let Viktor Orban rule by decree and give authorities broad powers to crack down on media and dissent.

WP: Hungary’s prime minister is using the virus to make an authoritarian power grab
The country’s parliament is set to adopt a new law that will give the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban a legal mandate to rule by decree, without any sunset clause and without parliamentary oversight. 

Euronews: Human rights alarm as Hungary seeks indefinite extension to state of emergency
New legislation would allow Viktor Orban's government to extend the state of emergency indefinitely, even if the spread of COVID-19 made it impossible to sit in Parliament.

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