I was about to say how lovely that the Summer is here, but as I write this it is pouring with rain and yes the gardens do need it!. Must confess though I have been enjoying the sunshine and it's great for topping up the vitamin D. I hope you have been able to enjoy it too.

I often wonder how people are getting on and how they find the treatment so thought I would offer a draw in this newsletter.
So if you would be kind enough to review me on google, I will draw a name out on July 31st and that person will receive a free treatment of Bowen Therapy at The Wellness Centre.
Happy writing and thank you for taking part!

I love being Barefoot
I found this article about being barefoot interesting. I hope you do too .
Feet are the most nerve-rich parts of the human body, which means they contribute to the building of neurological pathways in the brain and being barefoot allows the proprioception signals to transmit faster to our feet which in turn means better balance and co-ordination. I often talk about proprioception and how Bowen helps with this particularly in the first 48 hours so I thought I would explain a bit about proprioception and why it is so important. 

Proprioception is the ability to perceive the motion and position of our bodies in space and is generated by receptors located within our joints, connective tissue, and muscles. When activated by pressure and movement, proprioceptors send direct signaling to the brain telling it how the body is oriented.

It is never too late to encourage the proprioceptive and vestibular systems in our own bodies as we continue to grow new neural connections, even as we age. Often, it is the proprioceptive and vestibular systems that become inhibited as adults. We lose balance and focus in our bodies and our lives and, as a result, may lose profound connections to our environment, ourselves, and other people.

So get those shoes off and go play in the sand - you are never too old!
 New Clinics
Now that The Wellness Centre is up and running properly, I am pleased to announce that I am treating again at The Lotus Centre in Bourne End, The Amber Zone in Maidenhead and two new clinics, Yoga for Harmony in Windsor and a delightful room in Henley at the Bodywise Clinic.
There is limited availability at these places as I am still mainly based at The Wellness Centre in Warfield and these clinics also get busy so it is worth booking in advance if you wish to come to one of them.
I am aware that for some people The Wellness Centre is simply too far to come and I am concerned about the drive home for you after treatment.
If you would like the addresses and details of these additional clinics do please visit my website or call me on 07710722615. 
I look forward to seeing you at one of them.
I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter and if you have any questions about the content or thoughts about what you might like to see in future editions just hit reply and share them with me. 

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Warm wishes

Lee Avery
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