The Sum of It - May edition
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Let's get "personnel"

What's on our minds in May... 

We're all in the people business

Author James C. Collins once wrote, “Leaders of companies that go from good to great start not with ‘where’ but with ‘who.’” The most successful businesses are those that put people at its forefront—not just its customers, but also its employees and community. 

Where do you start when it comes to creating the best impact for your workers?  Here are three maxims to guide your way:   
  1. Work-life balance comes from the top.
    Patagonia, one of our favorite certified B Corps, has policies that actively encourages employees to surf and rock climb during work, and physically locks its doors at 8 p.m. so workers feel they can go home. The payoff? The company has doubled in size and tripled in profits since 2008.
  2. Invest in your employees so they invest in you. 
    Implementing an employee equity or profit-sharing plan makes employees more committed to your company’s success and increases retention—and in some cases, generates fierce loyalty, as grocery chain Market Basket proved late last year. 
  3. Engagement isn’t about perks, it’s about purpose.
    One of the best ways to engage employees is to involve them in community service. No business is too small to do meaningful philanthropy! From offering paid volunteer time to collaborating on pro bono projects, there are many ways to get employees involved in the community.  

Perspectives on Productivity

The best tools for time-tracking

Aside from labor regulations that require you to keep tabs on employee hours, time tracking can greatly improve company productivity, from understanding how to best allocate hours to knowing exactly how much to bill clients. We reviewed the best time-tracking tools so you don’t have to
Sign up for your local CSA

Digital Detox: Disconnect to reconnect

Digital Detox, the hippie movement of the 21st century, wants you to unplug so you can recharge. Organize a tech-free recess or retreat for your company, or go completely cold turkey with Camp Grounded, a four-day “adult summer camp” that bans all things digital. Instead indulge in kickball, campfires, and creative writing—via typewriter, of course.

Adding it all up...

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails."
            —Henry David Thoreau 

Treating people well—whether your customers, your employees, or your community—is not just common sense, it’s good business. That's an equation we can get behind!

Sum Dates to Remember

May 27-31
Free and family events at the World Science Festival. Mind. Blown.
May 29-Jun 7
Choose from 108 films, docs, and shorts at the Brooklyn Film Festival
June 5-7
Drake, Lana del Rey, Björk and more at Governor’s Ball
June 8-14
Music, film, art from Brooklyn's innovators at Northside Festival
June 13-14
Jazz Age Lawn Party, NYC's most dapper soiree
June 15
Second estimated tax deadline for individuals and corporations 
All summer long:
Summerstage concerts, Smorgasburg weekend foodie feasts, and Shakespeare in the Parks.

Sum Stuff for your Radar

Cleverhood Capes

What it is: 
Stylish rainproof capes for biking (and walking!) designed and made in the USA.

Why we like it: 
Ponchos are totally in for 2015, but this one is timeless in fit and function.



What it is: 
A short but compelling read on how bicycling reaps huge benefits for local economies and communities.

Why we like it: 
Statistical proof that splurging on cool bike gear (whether from Cleverhood or Tokyobike) is actually an investment. 
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