The Sum of It - July edition
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Money in the Cloud

What's on our minds in July...

Less emails, more productivity

Growing companies often find that the more employees they add, the more complex the communication issues become. Whether it’s employees feeling like they’re being left in the dark, teams not collaborating effectively, or executives not aligning employee work with company goals, communication breakdowns can result in a lot of lost productivity.

Does you feel like you're spending more time answering emails instead of working on higher priorities? Our latest blog post offers some proactive tips on improving internal communications within your business.

WE will, WE will, rock you

NYC recently launched, a brand new online resource targeted to women entrepreneurs in the city. This new website offers female business owners access to finance workshops, networking events, mentors, local resources, and more. It is also a perfect example of why NYC is officially the best city in the world for female entrepreneurs!

Things that say a thousand words

Facebook 360

Facebook 360

It’s not quite virtual reality, but it’s getting close. Facebook 360 photos and videos now allow brands to augment their social media efforts with incredible panoramic shots. You don’t even need special equipment to use it—simply upload a panoramic photo wider than 100 degrees, and voila! You’ve 360’d. Need some inspiration? Check out this amazing Nat Geo video (it's best on mobile).
Dynamic email content

Spice up your email

No more boring email campaigns! Using dynamic email content, companies can now personalize, live-update, or stream text or images into their email campaigns. Speak directly to your customer by adding their name on an image, show a countdown clock on an impending sale, or share the weather forecast for an event. Interested in learning more? Companies like Movable Ink and Nifty Images offer a range of dynamic email products for your next campaign.

Adding it all up...

"The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through."
            —Sydney J. Harris

In our work with clients, oftentimes one of the biggest things that needs fixing is communication. It’s the grease that keeps the machines of our business running. Too little of it, and things come to a grinding halt; too much of it, and things start to heat up and overload. Luckily it’s one of the easiest things to adjust—a little tweaking and things will be running much more smoothly again!

Sum Dates to Remember

Tuesdays in July
Free outdoor pilates at Brooklyn Bridge Park

Until Jul 17
Last chance to see artist June Leaf at Whitney

Jul 20-Aug 13
Lincoln Center’s Out of Doors concerts and performances

Until Jul 24
Court & Cosmos exhibition at the Met

Jul 24
NY Challenge, the ultimate urban scavenger hunt

Jul 28-31
Animation Block Party celebrates the best in animated flicks

Sundays until Jul 31
Summergarden music nights at MoMA

Sum Stuff for your Radar


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