The Sum of It - June edition
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Money in the Cloud

What's on our minds in June...

Save money with P2P payments

Do you operate a business internationally? Pay contractors in another country? With more and more finance moving into the cloud, we are discovering innovative new ways to bank, transact, and move money more cheaply and efficiently. This month, we review two P2P payment platforms that small businesses are now using to save money: Transferwise, a cheaper way to pay international vendors, and Bitcoin, a digital currency that can save big bucks on merchant processing fees.

Learn how they work and how you could save money.


Global Business Exchange: NYC+Milan

After a successful launch of the NYC and Paris Business Exchange last year, applications are now open for Milan. NYC companies interested in expanding to Italy’s key business hub can now apply for this sponsored exchange, which includes six months co-working space, networking and mentoring, and access to financial and tax incentives from the city. Applications open until July 15, 2016.

Money in the Cloud


Uphold: The Internet of Money

In many ways, this new platform is the “anti-bank bank.” Promising fair financial services for all, Uphold allows you to hold, convert, and transfer money for free in 25 different currencies and 4 precious metals. Built on the encryption technology of Bitcoin, Uphold lets you securely fund your account via bank transfer, and you can use their app to manage funds and send payments. If this catches on, we could see a whole new era of international cloud banking.
Penny App

Penny: Your personal finance coach

Chatbots are the next hottest thing in tech, and soon these mini-AI apps will be able to do everything from ordering pizza to turning on the lights. We’re already seeing chatbots pop up in the finance world: Penny, a new chatbot that connects to your bank and credit cards, can help you to categorize spending, remind you of bills, and even pull spending reports. Penny, how much did I spend on pizza last month?

Adding it all up...

“The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”
            —Bill Gates

One of the reasons why we’re fascinated with web technology is the way that it can simultaneously open us up to the world, yet help us maintain close connections—we can now work in the cloud, even as we ground ourselves in the community. We hear mostly about big tech companies in the news, but often overlooked is how the internet has democratized business, enabling entrepreneurs to succeed with the simplest of tools. And that is what's especially exciting about owning a business in the digital age.

Sum Dates to Remember

Jun 8-19
Alvin Ailey back at Lincoln Center

Jun 11-12
Chow down at the Big Apple Barbecue

Jun 18

Starting Jun 21
Get jazzy during the Midsummer Night Swing

Jun 25
Sip and swirl at North Fork Crush Festival

Jun 26
Be loud, be proud: Pride Sunday

Until Jun 26
Taming of the Shrew in Central Park (free!)

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