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Hello friends!  
We are excited to debut the very first issue of “The Sum of I+,” a short-but-sweet compilation of news, tips, events, dates, and other fun stuff targeted to the creative entrepreneur. 
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Jeanne Hardy
Creative Business Inc. 

What's on our minds in February... 

The three letter word everyone hates: T-A-X.

Has your company sent out your 1099s yet? Now that the deadline has passed, it’s time to get things in order and make sure you didn’t miss anything. There are 5 quick things you can do to start organizing for tax season.
Freelancers, this year there are 12 tax changes that could potentially affect you. The big one? Obamacare penalties. 

Most importantly, schedule that appointment with your financial adviser soon to review tax projections—even though it’s 2015, there are still things you can do to bring down that 2014 tax bill. (Ahem, SEP-IRA...)

The Internets. It’s all fun and cat videos until somebody gets hacked. 

Ransomware is on the rise, and it’s raked in millions of dollars to hackers who lock down computer files unless owners pay up.  Here’s how you can avoid being taken hostage by your own computer: 
Change all the passwords to your email, financial accounts, the whole works. And don’t use the same password for everything; you can use a password manager to help you remember.

Educate your employees on email and cyber securityformally, not just a “don’t click on weird email links” talk. 

Get cyber liability insurance if you are in e-commerce or store sensitive info in the cloud. Read our guide on what it covers.

Equations we can't get enough of... 

Evernote + Moleskine.  

Digital meets analog in the most elegant note-taking combo we’ve ever seen. Jot a note, affix a sticker, snap a photo, and voila!  Your lovely handwriting forever immortalized in digital form. 

Oscar + Misfit.

Oscar, the “Airbnb of health insurance” is providing FREE Misfit Flashes (those fitness trackers that are everywhere now) to all their customers. For every day you meet your daily steps goal, you get a $1 towards an Amazon gift card, up to $240 a year. That's a lotta Prime-ing you can do. 

Adding it all up...

"Your real life begins after putting your house in order." 
            Marie Kondo

This is the time of the year to reset and restart. Change passwords, manage finances, clean out notes, jumpstart fitness goals.

Organize not just your work life, but your entire life—give yourself the physical (and mental) space you need to move forward creatively and joyously. 

Sum Dates to Remember

Feb 20
NYS Sales Tax returns due for annual and quarterly filers

Feb 24 
Buy your tickets for Iceman Cometh, now until March 15 (don’t miss out on Nathan Lane!)

Feb 28
1096 forms due to the IRS 

Mar 7
Green Naftali Gallery hosts Issue Project Room benefit featuring special guest Tony Conrad

Mar 15
2014 tax return deadline for corporations

Sum Stuff for your Radar



What it is:
Local professional and social groups of all shapes and sizes, from Finger Painting to Finance.
Why we like it:
A little more casual than professional networking, a little less awkward than online dating.  

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

What it is: 
A book about KonMari, the Japanese art of organizing.

Why we like it: 
Clear the junk, clean the mind. Author Marie Kondo is our Zen housekeeper. 
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