New Dog Laws, Look out for allergies this Spring, Ferreting around and Yoda's new found freedom
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Allergy Season is here!

Allergy season is upon us as we skip into Spring! Just like humans, cats and dogs can suffer from allergies as well, whether it be contact allergens or airborne allergens.

There are some important signs to look out for, in case your pets have an allergic reaction this Spring or Summer < Read More>

Introducing new Dog Laws

The new Dog Law will come into effect this year for all dog owners. To find out how it will effect you <Read More>

Yoda's new found freedom with Stem Cell Therapy

Cutting edge Stem Cell Therapy is keeping dogs and cats, both old and young, agile, ageless and pain free! Yoda, a 7 year old Golden Retriever, suffered from painful and limiting hip dysplasia and arthritis. Medical therapy had been exhausted and Yoda's next option was a double hip replacement, an invasive, painful and expensive hurdle for this active young man and his family to face. Today, after Stem Cell Therapy, Yoda is a new dog! <Read More>

How much do you know about.... Ferrets!

We see a number of ferrets at Bayswater Vet Clinic and they are quite the character! Ferrets make great family pets, so we thought you might like to know a little more abut them. <Read More>

Microchipping Special!

The new Cat Bill will come into effect on November 1st, 2013 - this means that all cats need to be microchipped, sterilised, registered with the local council, and wearing a collar and tag. 

To help the community meet these requirements, we are offering a heavily discounted microchipping special to cat AND dog owners...


Simply call us today and book in for your appointment!


A Message from Dr Peter

One of my most interesting surgeries so far in my career has been on one of our more prickly creatures... an echidna!

The little guy was not in a good way after being clipped by a car so into hospital he came for surgery. As you could imagine, getting a needle into an echidna who's curled up tight as a drum is....interesting!

Eventually, in between the 'Ouch's and 'Ow's, we put him under and our little drum uncurled onto the operating table.

Removing the gravel from his soft underside and stitching him up, you could see how easily these little fella's could really suffer without their protective outer layer (I can still feel my fingers throb thinking about HOW protected that belly was!)

A few days later, this little man went with the wildlife rangers back to some bush (far, far away from busy roads) and went on his way. 

That's one thing I love about what I do... there is never a dull day!

Take care

~ Peter

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