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Announcements & Features

1) SG[ASEAN] 2019

SG{ASEAN} is back this year! SG{ASEAN} is a 1 day workshop focused on enhancing the understanding of students and young professionals in space in Thailand.

With 40 delegates (aged 18-35 years) and guests from notable space agencies and industry representatives, SG{ASEAN} features many interesting and definitely fruitful discussions on various space topics including space policies and space collaboration among ASEAN countries.

Find more information here!

Overseas Stargazing Trips

1) 3D2N Mersing, Johor
Renowned local astrophotographer Remus leads monthly trips to Mersing for a 3D2N experience with dark skies and a chance to learn to take gorgeous astrophotographs. Join in for a relaxing yet educational getaway!

Fee: ~$210/pax for twin/triple-sharing (single-sharing is available upon request, additional charges apply)
Includes: Transport, accommodation, meals
For more details and registration, visit Remus' Expeditions Page.

2) Cosmocraft 2D2N Tanjong Leman, Malaysia  (27 -29 Sept/ 25 - 27 Oct)
Looking for a weekend retreat from your busy schedule? Come join Cosmocraft's weekend Astronomy trip to Tanjong Leman for a short yet fulfilling getaway!

For more details and registration, visit Cosmocraft's official website here.

Talks and Events

Regular Public Observatory Sessions

1) Galaxy Astronomy Club Observatory Sessions
The observatory known to northern SG residents, Galaxy hosts weekly Friday and Saturday observatory sessions.
Fee: $1 per entry per person / yearly membership ($10 - Passion card; $12 - non Passion card)
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm every Friday and Saturday
Venue: Woodlands Galaxy Community Club, near Admiralty MRT station.

7:30 - 8:15pm: Urban Astronomy Series (Basic Astronomy Class)* (Milkyway Room at Lvl 5)
8:30 - 9:00pm: Tonight Sky Updates - venue: Milkyway Room at Level 5
7:30 - 9:30pm: Observatory will be open (subject to weather)

2) Science Centre Observatory Sessions
Opened since 2006 to the public, it is the most well known public observatory in Singapore, located in the west of SG. Every Friday night the observatory will be opened to the public, unless it is heavily raining or if there is a risk of lightning involved.

Fee: Free
Time: 7.45pm-10pm
Venue: Singapore Science Centre, near Jurong East MRT station.


3) Live Planetarium Shows
The Live Show is a live presentation conducted by a Science Educator. Amazing visuals are projected on the dome screen using a computer and specialised software.Choose from a selection of four equally intriguing and educational shows - "Exploring The Planets", "Cosmic Surfing", "What’s Up There?" and "Back To The Moon For Good".

Time: Varying time slots
Venue: Science Centre Omni Theatre

What's up in the Sky?


Over the North this month and northeast of Boötes will be the constellation of Hercules, named after the hero in Greek mythology who was famed for his strength. While it is not particularly bright, it is still a useful marker to locate some of the deep sky objects in its vicinity, and even further towards the South.
From Konephoros (β Her), one can draw a line through Izar (ε Boö) to find M3, one of the finest northern globular clusters only after M13, the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules. The latter can be found by heading towards η Her to ζ Her.

Thereafter, one can find M92, a fairly bright globular cluster by drawing a line from Alphekka (α CrB) through η Her. Moreover, the Summer Beehive cluster (IC 4665, an open cluster) can be found by drawing a line through Rasalhague (α Oph) from η Her. Lastly, Graff’s cluster (IC 4756), an open cluster can be found and observed along with NGC 6633, a relatively diffuse open cluster by tracing a line through Sarin (δ Her) from η Her.

Find out more about this month's night sky with the following handy resource:
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