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Dear Friends,

Jean-Claude has just returned from his first trip to Chad and there is so much to tell!  First, thank you for your prayers that made a great difference in the impact of his fact-finding trip. 

Secondly, we wish to thank
Justin and Maimouna Robaye for hosting Jean-Claude, and for their 20 years of ministry in Chad.  I remember when my late husband first visited Chad, he was told there were only 25 miles of paved road in the entire nation at that time.  The Robayes have labored in a difficult environment, enduring great hardship, but they have born great fruit for the Kingdom of God. 

You will remember that the purpose of the trip was to seek the Lord's will for the
Fula Project in Chad.  You will also remember that the Fula are almost entirely Muslim.  Recent reports of violence from Fula herdsmen attacking villages in Nigeria cause us to thank the Lord for such a strategic assignment.

The Fula population in Chad is mostly nomadic.  The Fula in Gambia are mostly stationary, which allows for church planters to live and work among them.  Nomadic people require a completely different strategy, as you can imagine.  Providing equipment that can be embedded among the traveling Fula seems to be a strategy that we can sink our teeth into.  It's a perfect application for the solar powered
Kulumi lamps with audio Bibles.

Although the Chadian Fula follow their herds most of the year, they do settle in camps during about a two-month period in July and August.  Outreaches can be organized in these camps during that two-month period each year.  Stay tuned as we pray out our part in helping to engage the Fula in the camps this summer.

The Robayes introduced Jean-Claude to Christian workers who opened a door for Jean-Claude to visit three Fula clans, which can be seen in the photos that follow. 

Thank you for your part in this strategic missions work!  Do you know that those who use their resources and faith to send will partake of the same reward as those who go?  Your part, praying and supporting financially, is just as vital as the part of those serving on the ground.

Partners together,



Where is Chad?  Landlocked in Central Africa, Chad's neighbors include Nigeria, Niger, Central African Republic, Cameroon, Libya, and Sudan.  About 40% of Chadians live below the poverty level.  About 58% of Chadians are Muslim.
Next month the Robayes will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their ministry in Chad.  Jean-Claude is scheduled to return to speak in the celebration services and will take more equipment for reaching the Fula. 
While in N'Djamena, the capital city, Jean-Claude met with the leaders of specialized ministries working under Justin's leadership such as youth ministry, children's ministry, evangelism, women's ministry, and multiple Bible training centers. 

Then, the team traveled to three remote locations to meet with Fula clan leaders.  Chadians speak French, Arabic, and about 120 dialects.  Notice the proximity to Nigeria, where Fula herdsmen have been perpetrating violence. 
Sights along the way...herds of cattle, goats, and camels.  Adolescent Fula males have the responsibility of herding the livestock that represents a clan's wealth and also provides their food and transportation.
Engaging the Fula!  Fula men and women do not mix in social settings. Nomadic Fula do not need chairs as everyone sits on mats.   After proper introductions, a gift of fresh (warm!) milk is shared by all the men drinking from the same bowl.  While a goat is butchered and cooked, the men share a salad and formal greetings.  Thank God for Jean-Claude, who so many times serves outside his comfort zone to reach the unreached. 
After the meal, the Word of God can be shared.  Click on this link to see a video of Pastor A. reading the Bible in Fulfulde, a Fula language.  Pastor A. is leading a group of Fula believers who are refugees from the civil war in neighboring Central African Republic. 
Before departing, Jean-Claude distributed equipment to be embedded among some Nomadic clans.  Here are two grateful recipients of Kulumis, solar-powered lamps that play audio Bibles.  LWM missionaries also donated a Jesus Film Backpack to be used for outreaches among the Fula.  We believe contributing equipment such as this is the greatest way we can boost the effectiveness of workers uniquely suited to reaching the Fula in Chad.
More photos next month!  Please be praying with us as we gather equipment and prepare for Jean-Claude's return to Chad in March.  If you wish to donate toward equipment for Chad, you'll find our address and "Donate" link below.  In providing delivery systems, you are an essential partner in sharing the Gospel with the Fula.
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"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come."
Matthew 24:14
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