Come out and talk about floating!

Float Fan Meetup

I was looking at our list of members, and realized I'd met only a handful of you! Clearly that needs to change. I'd love to talk to you all about your experiences, and also have you meet and talk to each other. Floating tends to foster connection and community, and we're happy to support that. To that end, we're starting a new monthly meetup. Come out, meet me and Colin, and talk about floating!

Where: Daddy Jones, 525 Medford St (two doors down from Float)
When: Wednesday 9/16 at 8pm, then every 2nd Wednesday thereafter
Who: Anyone who wants to talk about floating! First timers and the curious are very welcome.

See you there!

New Books

Colin and I came home from the Float Conference inspired, energized, and with new books to read. I'll have more to say about these soon, but for now I want to direct your attention especially to Unsinkable by Emily Noren. Emily works at The Float Shoppe in Portland OR, and credits floating with helping her kick an entrenched eating disorder and related addictions. It's a quick read, and we have two copies at Float. It's also available in its entirety on her website, Content warning: mild descriptions of the behaviors one would expect with an eating disorder, and mentions of drug use.


New Tank Update

To catch you up: a couple months ago, we had decided to have our next two tanks custom-built. (It's a long story; buy us a drink for the deets.) We go to conferences to talk to similarly-minded people, and acquire new information... and at the Float Conference we certainly did! We happened to meet a fiberglass fabricator who has worked on custom float tanks before, and this chance meeting changed the trajectory of our project. The upside is that we have much more confidence that our visions will be carried out - and the downside is that our decision has added some weeks to our installation timeline.

Right now we have a big pile of tank parts (including the fiber optics I'll be using to make the starry sky ceiling). Our pump and filter assemblies are being shipped to us even as I type this by the ever-awesome Jeremy of Escape Pod, who built our first two tanks. It's all in process, and I'll keep you up to date as we have more news.

Somerville 5k

We're proud to sponsor the Somerville Homeless Coalition's 5k for the 4th year in a row (I sponsored them as Somerville Therapeutic Massage before we started Float). It's taking place on October 3rd this year. There are entry forms near the bulletin board at Float, and you can also sign up  here.

Floating is great for recovery, so make your post-race appointment now!

Thank You

I got a chance to meet one of our new members the other day. Once I introduced myself, she lit up. "Thank you so much for this," she said. "I have fibromyalgia, and I feel so much better when I float, it's incredible." It made my whole week. If we're helping just one person get through their day more easily, we are serving our purpose! Whether you come see us every week, or if floating is your birthday treat, I want to thank you: your support helps keep floating available for everyone. 

See you at the Float meetups!

Sara & Colin
and the Float Boston Team

p.s. Check it out! Our no-strings memberships start at $58 for one float a month.
Float Boston

Music Inspired by Floating

You may have noticed the poster from Theta State Records in our window, but did you know that they're all about music inspired by floating? Explore their offerings free at their Bandcamp page:
If you like what you hear and want to keep it, when downloading use our discount code: FloatBoston
come float away

Upcoming Openings

Want to come float, but you're having trouble finding space on our calendar? We update this post every couple of days:

You can always request to be added to our wait list. Write with timeframes that work for you.
Hearing My Body

Thank You

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(The text in the image reads: "I was scared at first, I thought I was going to lose myself in my thoughts and wake up and not find the door out. Then my body started to relax and I started hearing my body. Then I started to leave my body feeling. Most awesome moment was when I started noticing things I had to change to get good at meditating.")
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