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We've all heard that rules were made to be broken, but some are stronger than others.  More of a challenge.  I guess I was always the kind of child that, rather than asking 'why', would ask 'why not'.  I remember being told that I shouldn't squeeze too much toothpaste out of the tube, because once it's out, you can't get it back in.  Why not?  I soon mastered the art of making sure the end of the tube was covered in toothpaste and gently squeezing the other way on the tube to suck a little back in.  
So in art there are some 'rules'.  In painting, there's the rule of thirds.  That it's good to have the focus of the painting on one of the intersections drawn to divide the painting into horizontal and vertical thirds.   You can see by the above that I bend that rule a lot. 
In art business too there's the rule of thirds.  Spend a third of your time creating art, a third marketing/selling, and a third on 'back office' work.  Some months I don't get enough time to create new work of my own - this month saw a lot of time on commissions.  I was thrilled to discover that I could demo in my booth at the show in Yuma, so I could create while selling and marketing.  Or at least in between. 
Then there's those unspoken selling rules for art.  If the husband and wife disagree on the art, the wife wins; you never sell in rain; and you never sell to pregnant ladies.  
I confess I've never broken the husband/wife rule, though I've seen it happen; I have sold in the rain (ok, only a couple of books) but this month, I sold to a pregnant lady.  OK, it was a mural for the nursery, but if you're going to break the rules, it's good to start by bending the definitions. 

Anyway, here's the definition of my schedule for the month:

April 3-5th Indian Wells Arts Festival
April 6-9 Shaking up the Arts, Calexico. 5-8pm, Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center, 421 Heffernan Ave, 92231. Reception April 9th, 5-8pm. (no website). 
April 18-19 Westwood Village Fine Arts Festival
April 21st - Watercolor collage workshop at Incredible Artist Gallery, Cathedral City.
 $50. Call/email me to book, preferably by 14th. 
April 25-26th - Mission Federal Art Walk, Little Italy, San Diego
April 28th - Paint and Wine evening 
 at Incredible Artist Gallery, Cathedral City. $50. Call/email me to, preferably book, preferably by 21st.
April 30th - Paint and Wine evening 6:30-9:30pm at Vanguard Gallery, Moreno Valley. $45. Call/email me to book by 22nd. 

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