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Crimson Thread
Sometimes you've just got to stop.   
Thinking of stopping reminds me of a couple stories I've heard over the years.  
A guy was renting a Bobcat backhoe to do some landscaping in the garden and the owner showed him the controls and then gave one further piece of advice.  "These things are not hard to drive, but they are top heavy and easy to tip over.  If it starts getting out of control - just let go and it will settle back down on its tracks."  The guy renting the backhoe thought that was not just great advice for the backhoe, but also for life.

Another friend had 2 small kids and an adolescent, a part time job and a one kid had allergies that meant everything got cooked from scratch.  She had a couple hours one morning a week when all the kids were in school, her husband was working and she wasn't. It was her 'me' time.  She said nothing gets done.  I sit and stare at the wall, otherwise I would go postal. Then her work hours increased and one kid got sick, but around that time she found a painting she loved.  'It wasn't really in the budget, but it was cheaper than a nervous breakdown.' She could just get lost in it for a few minutes sometimes to restore her sanity. 

At a distance, a painting can provide perhaps a quieting scene to pretend you're vacationing in.  It's different to get up close, letting the mind walk like an unleashed dog, checking out every nuance along an unpredetermined route, stopping and something and nothing.  It's interesting to examine the brushstrokes or flows of juxtaposed colors, to examine a curl in an edge between a blue and white, just because it pleases you to look at it.  It could be more relaxing than guided meditation, which is kinda like the dog getting walked around the block just for the exercise. 

Peter Clothier  runs events where people can spend an hour or thereabouts looking at just one painting.  It's an opportunity to get lost in the artwork and get more out of it than you might think the painter put in.

An artist whose name escapes me said 'A painting needs to interrupt time and create a moment of its own.'  Our souls need such moments.  The 21st century is indeed a hectic world, and sometimes, we just need to stop.

So, ever on the go this month, I have four places that the little curlicues and rills and ripples of my skyscapes can be seen.

May 3-4: 52nd Annual Sierra Madre Art Fair. Memorial Park (SM Bl and Hermosa), Sierra Madre,
May 12-June 21st: Solo Show, Liberty Fine Arts, Santa Ana, CA, including during Santiago Arts District 3rd Friday Art Walk, May 17th and June 21st 
May 24-25th: Redlands Art Affair, Redlands, CA.
May 23rd-July 12th: Rochester Contemporary 

The painting above is "Crimson Thread" - 34x36" refractured watercolor on wraparound panel. $1720.

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