And the color wheel turns....
"Picnic Day", 8x8" watercolor collage on panel. $80.
When I was a child (about 7, I think), one of the (crazy?) things I used to wonder about was whether, when I saw the color green, say, whether I was actually seeing the same color as other people were seeing.
For a while I came to the conclusion that the hypothesis was unprovable because you could never create a objective test.  OK so those are the adult word for what my seven year old self was thinking.  A few years later I realized there was a test, proving that some of us at least see colors differently.  My father was blue-green colorblind.  The rest of the family would see blue and green as different hues, my father could not differentiate them unless it was something like lime vs. navy.  In my adult years I've met at least three guys for whom the world was only gray.

But those of who don't argue over whether something is oil-blue or teal, we still don't have the ability to see the color range that is out there.  I stumbled on a reference to work with seeing the color red-green - have fun exploring this link to the livescience website. 

Perhaps this also explains why the sky's blue merges into yellow without passing through green.  It also seems like I wasn't the only one wondering about whether we all see the same color!

And if you have any doubt about what to call that color, here's a dictionary of color words.
  I can look at "adriatic" and wish I could have introduced him to that word.

Back in the land of colors that come from tubes, my skyscapes will be busy this month:

Jun 1st, 11-4pm: Celebration of the Arts, Hurless Barton Park, Casa Loma Ave, Yorba Linda, CA

Jun 7-8 10-5pm: ArtWalk, Thousand Oaks, CA 

June 14-15: 11th Annual Hermosa Beach Art Walk. Hermosa Beach Community Center, Hermosa Beach, CA

June 21st, 7-10pm: Solo Show Closing Reception, Liberty Fine Arts, Santa Ana, CA, during Santiago Arts District 3rd Friday Art Walk

Through July 13th:  Rochester Contemporary Fundraiser.  6 anonymous creations. 
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