A little side trip into Greek mythology.
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I saw an item on LinkedIn the other day (I think it was by Renee Philips) reminding us that the ancient Greeks believed that inspiration was brought to people in visitations from one of the Muses.  I studied very little Greek history in high school but somewhere along the way have picked up a few morsels of information on that culture and was intrigued to revisit the subject of muses.  There seems to be some confusion on the number and roles of the ladies, but though some seem to have specific roles, none seem to be in charge of painting!  

I expanded 
my search but no, no gods, Greek or otherwise, admit to being associated with painting.  

Fortunately I have plenty of inspiration in the skies around my home.  The last two days have been particularly cloudy - it even rained twice Thursday night - a delight for she with a vaulted ceiling.  Salton City really seems to miss out on the rain when the Coachella Valley, southern and western Imperial County and Borrego Springs get drenched. I decided to look for sky gods on Wikipedia and found I have quite a choice.  
Perhaps Nephelai, the cloud nymphs would be most appropriate as the sky is much more interesting when they are around. 

I don't know really, it's Greek to me. 

What I do know is my schedule for February.

5-28th - Borrego Springs Art Guild show at Borrego Art Institute.
14th - Art under the Umbrellas
18th - Demo in Desert Hot Springs for the local art guild. 
27th-Mar 8th - Art Show within Imperial Valley County Fair
28th-Mar 1st Town Square Art Affair in Cathedral City.
TBD - another watercolor collage workshop at Incredible Artist in Cathedral City.  Please email me if you are interested - you can pay at the door by check if you prefer.  It might be early March but want to give some longer notice.  


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