Composition and color are as important as subject.
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I recently visited with my photography teacher from so many years ago, though he long since morphed from teacher to friend. After studying photography with him for about six months, I had the epiphany to start painting - partly because I didn't want to be limited to what I could achieve with photography.  Several parts of his teaching though, remain with me and are used in my artwork.
In the part of the class that covered composition, he taught me how to compose a photograph that would be pleasing to the eye.  This is essentially the part that teaches you how to 'see like an artist' and one of the primary drives behind switching from camera to canvas.  Such things as a primary point of interested, good contrast between that point and its surroundings, that item around one of the 'thirds intersections', and 'pathways of interest' that draw your eye around the image. 
We started talking of this because 'Soundscapes' was on his TV. If you don't know of this, it's a cable channel
that plays ambient music and shows a mix of advertising and landscape images that are picked to be as restful as the music. We fell to critiquing the images.  Several he described as 'stand-up snapshots' - he could tell that the photographer had taken the photo standing up, when getting on their knees or moving to the left or right would have created a much more interesting shot.  Sometimes it is good to revisit the basics. An anchorage is a good place from which to set sail.

The painting above is 'Her Heart Aflutter'.  Mixed Media on panel, 36"x12", $750.  The following poem is painted into the painting:

Her Heart Aflutter
Butterflies that flit around
within my belly
without a sound
Escape to play another part
become the flutter
in my heart

This month I have two shows and a couple classes.  If you're considering the classes - you have to sign up at least 48 hours in advance, we won't run the class if there are insufficient attendees.  It sounds like a quiet month, but there are several other things in the pipeline - next month should have a lot of news!

Aug 15-16: Artwalk NTC@Liberty Station, San Diego, CA. Mission Federal Art Walk
Aug 20th 6-9pm Paint and Wine evening at Vanguard Gallery, Moreno Valley, CA. Vanguard Gallery $45.
Aug 21st: 6-9pm, Watercolor Collage workshop, teens/adults Vanguard Gallery, Moreno Valley, CA. Vanguard Gallery $30.
Aug 30: LeucadiArtwalk, Leucadia, CA. LeucadiArt Walk (subject to confirmation)

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