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Last week, my laptop died.  Spectacularly, and suddenly, as technology usually does.  With only a slow tablet, a phone that is essentially just a phone and no tv, once the computer is off, the world out there goes away.  Or should I say it reverts to the scene outside the studio window, and that on the canvas.  The unfinished oil, with only the background done, that looks like the cloudless cerulean depth above the Salton Sea and the Chocolate Mountains; this was to be a dawn in Iceland, from a photo taken by an Australian blogging friend (with his permission of course).  The photo is trapped on the deceased hard drive currently in the care of the Geek Squad.
I close my eyes and try to visualize myself transported to all those spacious flatlands that call my soul to dance under their wide skies.  The ones I’ve already seen and would like to revisit – the Fens of eastern England, the endless prairies of Kansas, the hill-cradled Central Valley of California; those that are (and will likely remain) on the bucket list – the Pampas of Argentina, the Australian Outback, the Russian Steppes. 
With access to the internet I can see images of these places so I could almost touch them.   Without it, I can imagine standing there with the sun on my back or the icy wind on my face. 
With access to the internet I can communicate with people across the planet.  Without it I am reminded that I am lucky to live in a place where I do know my neighbors – so many city dwellers don’t.  I can walk across the street and borrow access to a computer or help a neighbor fix a boat.
And yet, as I was explaining to recent students – the hard part about communicating is sometimes trying to get a technique from my right brain to my left brain, into language, into their left brain and into their right.  Without telepathy we are all trapped inside ourselves and must struggle with mere words.  Whether we stand on Everest or in Death Valley, it is one atmosphere that we breathe, but without reaching out and finding another soul to touch, we are all still lonely under the one sky.
So, out under the sky this month I have three shows, and inside five classes:
Feb 6-7th: Frances Stevens Park, Palm Springs, CA West Coast Artists
Feb 4, 11, 18, 25: 10-12 Painting for absolute beginners in watercolor, La Quinta, CA $100 includes all materials for series of four; $29 per session, but each session contains different material that builds from week to week. Contact sm'Art Studio.  See also for an approximate curriculum, but I made some adjustments since running the first class, but can’t update the file.
Feb 11th 1-4pm Watercolor Collage workshop at sm'ART Studio, La Quinta, CA. sm'Art Studio $50.
Feb 13-14th: Hot Air Balloon & Fine Art Festival, Cathedral City, CA West Coast Artists
Feb 18th 6-9pm Paint and Wine evening at Vanguard Gallery, Moreno Valley, CA. Vanguard Gallery $40. Call Rick at (562) 556-5178 to book.
Feb 20th: "Art in the Park", Yuma AZ. Art in the Park
Feb 23rd: 9-4pm Painting for absolute beginners in watercolor, Borrego Springs, CA $100 includes all materials. Contact Borrego Art Institute
Feb 25th 4-7pm Paint and Wine evening at sm'ART Studio, La Quinta, CA. sm'Art Studio $50.
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