There are no wrong questions in art...
"Growing Up". Refractured watercolor 28x8" on float panel. $280
I was inspired for the subject of this month's newsletter by an article by Richard Speer about what people don't talk about during gallery receptions.  Though I don't agree with much of what he says, it does remind me of one aspect of the omissions: many people who have not worked (or dabbled) in visual art feel uncomfortable asking the artist questions because they don't wish to appear uneducated.  This is true for all artists.  

I want people to ask questions about my work - and I'll ask questions about how my work makes you feel. The only wrong questions are those you go home and wish you'd asked!    

One question that comes to mind is 'how green is my art'.  Working with designers and on public projects sometimes has means that LEED certification is a factor, and I don't have much opportunity to use up-cycled or recycled materials, other than re-purposed panels, stretcher bars and packing materials.  I was delighted to find a Kickstarter project to expand the manufacture of glues made from styrofoam.  I'm going to be experimenting with these glues soon for my refractured watercolors.  Whether or not this product works for me, I'm backing it!  I hope you will choose to also.

Despite the fact that many don't create visual arts, I think we all have some artistic ability. I speak to people who say they couldn't draw a stick figure, but can sew, sing, cook or decorate a home beautifully.  We all have some art appreciation in us too.  Most enjoy movies or music.  We all like to dress to look good, at least sometimes.  Most of us couldn't make a movie or write a hit song or design a fabric, but it doesn't stop us from knowing what we like. Visual artists don't expect you to know how it's made - or what is the inspiration - but we love you to ask. 

Later this month I will get to give a talk with a slideshow about my refractured watercolors, and my path and inspiration that got me here, at the opening reception to my two-month solo show at Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest.  Then, hopefully, the questions will start.  Next month I'll post the Powerpoint show on my website (if I can - new tech trick for me) - and let you know about any really interesting questions that came up.

Only two things on my agenda this month:
Jul 4-6th: Pine Knot Village Artwalk, Big Bear Lake, CA. 
Jul 25-Sep 22: Solo Show, Maturango Museum, Ridgecrest, CA.
however I have some small acrylic paintings at the Borrego Art Institute throughout the summer

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