We only look at the moonless sky because we see stars.
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Jim's Sunrise, acrylic on canvas, 36x18" $550
Yesterday I was thinking about relationships.  It started with mulling over the relationship I'm building with a new gallery and how we're looking forward to working together, despite an initial mis-communication.  I also frequently receive 'updates' from a close friend whose parent recently passed and whose they say, 'where there's a will, there's a legal battle'.  My friend is looking forward to the point where these people are just humans with shared genetics.  This isn't the only friend with estranged relatives...
Sometimes I feel my life is somewhat compartmentalized - there's my neighbor friends, former coworkers, friends from different clubs and galleries, an extended art-fair 'tribe', and a growing online-community some of whom I've grown quite close to despite the fact we'd likely walk past each other at the supermarket without knowing. Few people overlap between different groups, but within each group there always seems to be some harmony and some clash; some incidental, some not.
That's the interesting part about any group - whether it's a group of people or a group of colors on a canvas.  The point of focus works around the smoother areas but dwells on the contrasts.  I'm looking at my latest completed painting - Vermillion Delight - it's on the front page of my website (I don't remember the last time I mentioned I have a new painting up every month) - and my eye is drawn to tracing the white spaces between the colored cloud.  They are nothing without the clouds around them, just as people aren't interesting until you interact with them.

For me, this month's interactions are:
Mar 7-8th: Frances Stevens Park, Palm Springs, CA
Mar 14-15th:Circle of Art, Borrego Springs, CA 
Mar 21st: "Art under the Umbrellas", Old Town La Quinta, CA
Mar 26th: 6:30-9:30pm, Wine and Paint event, Vanguard Gallery, Moreno Valley, CA. 
TBD - we're going to see if we can fit in a watercolor collage workshop at Incredible Artist gallery in Cathedral City - please email me if you're interested.

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