What's happening in skyscape land for September.

Anticipating Heaven Season.

As I write this - a few days ahead of schedule as the next few days are packed and I will be out of town and away from the internet on the first - the skies in Salton City are gray and stormy.  It hasn't rained so far today, but storms are forecast overnight.  The air is cool enough that the A/C is off for the second evening in a row and I expect to sleep with the windows open again.  Woohoo.  A wonderful reminder that autumn equinox is less than four weeks away.  The 'Hell' season is breaking up and 'Heaven' is about to start. The rabbit brush will soon bloom and the white-crowned sparrows will return to eat at my birdfeeders.  They are one of my favorite birds as they are bold enough to come pick up the seeds when I am sitting on the edge of the back patio - as little a four feet away.

The other day I got stuck in a rockin storm on the way back from sitting in the Borrego Art Institute Gallery.  I thought I would make it home before the rains came in, but they arrived ahead of forecast and by the time I got to Imperial County it was pouring.  I was able to get through a couple of the small running washes, but after getting into the town, there was a huge pool in a depression.  A Mercedes was coming the other way, and I waited, thinking if he could make it, I could.  He couldn't and the car stalled about 10 feet from my side of the wash.
Fortunately he had a tow rope.  If you don't read my blog - I had some angels help me out when I got soaked at Big Bear last week, so now I was happy to be able to pass the favor forward and pulled the Mercedes to higher ground to dry out.  I  eventually picked my way along back streets and through washes and puddles to get home, also soaked to the skin.
September has turned out to be an even quieter month on the show front than August.  I have no weekend fairs!  I am looking forward to taking a bit of a breather and creating some new work for the upcoming season.  I will be creating a line of  small 'Thoughts in a box' (see the front of my webpage) and have an oil painting (below) drying on the easel in anticipation of a show at the end of the month.  No name yet, it's still wet!
Until Sep 2nd I will have some work at the Town Hall in Julian.  (
I will have a couple paintings in the Borrego Art Institute ( until the 21st.
I have some paintings in the Fire and Ice group show at Vanguard Art Gallery in Moreno Valley. 
I have just taken several large acrylics to Red Brick Pizza Cafe in Fontana ( - this should be ongoing for a few months.
On the 29th I will be opening a new two-person show - Heaven and Earth - at Vanguard Art Gallery in Moreno Valley, with Janice Terao.
"I paint the skies with peace and passion, because that's the way they paint me."

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