I've not been ignoring your emails... I've not been getting them!
When faced with strange and seemingly irrational obstacles to a project, I often wonder whether this is a trial of fire that I need to go through, a delay that will produce a better result, or a message from 'life' (in whatever way you believe in that) that I shouldn't be doing this.  After a few things I usually ask for some kind of specific sign if it's the third option, otherwise I persist (and in some cases drive myself crazy trying to reorganize life around the obstacles!). 

I had such a set of obstacles with the mural that I was commissioned to paint by the City of Palm Desert on two of their signal boxes.  The main obstacle was construction going on behind the box, which delayed my start date from early November, to early December, then to mid December.  There were further delays with weather and misunderstandings over priming the box, and yet more clashes with 'stucco days'.  Through this I have to say the City was a delight to work with.  Government entities, as you are perhaps aware, can be <insert your own exasperating experience> but all that I encountered and worked with in Palm Desert were supportive of the project - and thoughtful.  I completed my paintings on Dec 26th.  (see the front page of my website.)  Palm Desert will in due course be finishing them with an anti-grafitti/uv spray, and installing a plaque.  The last snafu in the whole contract was email failures, being unable to email the final pictures and invoice. Which brings me to my next point.

In the last couple months I've had more frequent reports that emails to and from my accounts are not working.  I think between increased emails I do write, and spam, I exceed my monthly email limit from my current website host.  This is one of those trials of fire I have to go through and for which I must find a solution.
So, if you've ever emailed me and I've not responded, or the email has bounced, or you think I might follow up after a show and didn't....if you wonder why I never gave you a quote for a  commission or answered an inquiry, now you know. Please persist and email me again.  I'm not ignoring you - I just didn't get it! and should not have these limits.  I try to answer emails within about 2 days - even if only to give you a timeframe when I can get you a longer answer, if one is required.

I hope you will have a wonderful 2014, with few obstacles!  (Hey, you gotta have one or two that you can laugh at later).

My show schedule for January is interesting as I have been accepted into the Southwest Arts Festival for the first time:

Nov 29th-Jan 30th  'Holiday Boutique', Vanguard Art Gallery, Moreno Valley, CA
Jan 11th: "Art under the Umbrellas", Old Town La Quinta, CA La Quinta Art Foundation (oils and acrylics)
Jan 17th:  Watercolor Collage Workshop, Borrego Springs Art Institute, CA. Watercolor Collage Workshop
Jan 18-19th: Frances Stevens Park, Palm Springs, CA  West Coast Artists (oils and acrylics)
Jan 25-26th: South West Arts Festival, Indio, CA  South West Artist Festival (refractured watercolors)

The painting at the top of this email is "Deep Water Mauve", 14x11" in mat framable to 20x16".  $175
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