What does your favorite memory sound like?
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The other day over breakfast, Doug and I got onto the subject of different sense experiences evoking memories.  The cooing of a mourning dove we could hear reminded him of afternoon naps with Grandma as a three year old.  He mentioned that the smell of cigar smoke reminded him of his father.  I thought of a couple good ‘memory smells’ from childhood – fresh tomatoes reminds me of being allowed to go to my grandfather’s greenhouse with a pinch of salt in my palm to eat tomatoes directly off the vine, and the scent of linseed oil reminds me of the paint-by-numbers I sometimes got for Christmas or birthday. I still cannot resist inhaling deeply when opening the can of linseed! 
This started me thinking about how art evokes memory.  Sometimes someone in my booth will comment that a particular painting reminds them of an event, or a person who owned or created an artwork with a similar feeling.  Several times I’ve been commissioned to create art specifically because it reminds the customer of a person or place.  Public art (whether visual or performed) is often used to commemorate an event, a hero(es), or invoke the feelings of unity of a particular culture.  Speech is what sets humans apart from other animals and allows such communication as we have.  So much of our brains are dedicated to linking items experienced in one sense with entire events that encompass all others, that it is no wonder that our cultures are built from communicating not only through spoken word, but through arts operating in other mediums.

Speaking in other mediums, it’s another packed month.  I'll be at four art fairs where you can enjoy and purchase visual communications, and will run six classes where you can have fun and learn a little more about how to communicate visually yourself.

Mar 5-6th: Desert Arts Festival, Frances Stevens Park, Palm Springs, CA 
Mar 10, 17, 24, 31: 10am-noon Painting for absolute beginners in watercolor at sm'Art Studio, La Quinta. $100 includes all materials for series of four; $29 per session, but each session contains different material that builds from week to week. Contact Alana at (760) 902 7985 by March 8th to book.
Mar 10th 1-4pm Watercolor Collage workshop at sm'ART Studio, La Quinta. $50 includes all materials. Contact Alana at (760) 902 7985 by March 8th to book.
Mar 12-13th: Circle of Art, Borrego Springs, CA 
Mar 15th: Painting for absolute beginners in watercolor 1-day intensive. 9-4pm, at Borrego Art Institute, $100 includes all materials. Contact Jeni on (310) 720-1552 by March 13th to book.
Mar 19th: "Art under the Umbrellas", Old Town La Quinta, CA 
Mar 21st: Painting for absolute beginners in watercolor 1-day intensive. 9-4pm, at sm'Art Studio, La Quinta, $100 includes all materials. Contact Alana at (760) 902 7985 by March 18th to book.
Mar 24th 6-9pm "Paint the night" Paint and Wine evening at Vanguard Gallery, Moreno Valley $40.Contact Rick on (562) 556-5178 by March 22nd to book.
Mar 26-27th: LGBT Days Fine Art Festival, Cathedral City, CA 
Mar 31st 4-7pm "Oh, paint this!" Paint and Wine evening at sm'Art Studio, La Quinta. $45. Contact Alana at (760) 902 7985 by March 29th to book..
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