Feast your eyes on the best shots of the year - curator's picks.

December 22nd, 2014

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Photos: Best of 2014

Feast your eyes on the best shots of the year — curator’s picks — as featured in Slugball during 2014.

Room Full of Poses

A cool interactive shows preposterously difficult yoga poses – Victory Journal

Get a Grip

Crisp black and white images show how the Toronto Blue Jays staff grip the baseball on various pitches – Sportsnet 

Ripple Effects

Interior Design

Very cool shots of golf ball cores – James Friedman

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Ping pong players in deep focus – Hyper Vocal


The amazing marks a baseball makes on Fenway Park’s famous Green Monster wall – National Geographic

The Iron Prize

Ponies Up

Brilliant shots of competition horses in transit from Europe to Los Angeles – ESPN


Spectacular shots of ice climbing behind a waterfall in British Columbia – Sportsnet


A gallery of the biggest swell to hit Los Angeles in over 30 years – Surfer Magazine

Cover shot: Andrew Weibrecht en route to Sochi silver – USA Today Sports Images

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