Patagonia's shrewd economics, Peyton Manning's sweet Letterman farewell & cool pitching metrics.

May 22nd, 2015

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Worn Identity

Patagonia’s anti-consumerism campaign is putting a charge into sales growth. The highly publicized effort aims to convince would-be buyers to cut back on new purchases – and even repair old clothes. In the meantime, the brand is surging. J.B. MacKinnon reports on Patagonia’s shrewd economics for The New Yorker.

In Other News

Comedy Central

Peyton Manning penned a sweet farewell to David Letterman – MMQB

Rain Man

Play-by-play man Kenny Albert’s preposterous NHL playoff schedule – The New York Times

Mug Shots

Name Game

A trademark squatter is ready to pounce if the Redskins ever change their nickname – The Washington Post

On Contact

How pitch selection and speed affect exit velocity – Five Thirty Eight

Cover shot: Indy 500 Borg-Warner trophy – USA Today Sports Images

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