GR-700 4x Memory Expansion! Learn How!

Learn how to expand the memory of your Roland GR-700 Vintage Guitar Synthesizer, or your MKS-30, JX-3P or JX-8P! I have posted a short video on YouTube that explains how to do this awesome modification. Or you can check out the GR-700 page at the Vintage Roland Guitar Synthesizer website for more details and diagrams: 

Ebay: Vintage Roland Guitar Synthesizer Parts Sale! Starts Now!

A dozen auctions started today, January 2, on ebay. These are all Buy-It-Now, so if you find something you need, you can buy it right away.

Special 2016 Roland Guitar Synth Sale

Items for sale include hard-to-find 24-pin connectors (!!),  M-16C memory cartridges, various vintage parts, STK-1 and G-707 parts, 24-to-25 cable upgrade kits, modern 13-pin developer kits and more!

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  • January 2016: GR-700 4x Memory Expansion
  • December 2015: High Resolution IMG2010 Brochure and Download
  • November 2015: Roland G-707/GR-700 1985 (review) Part 2, Steve Hunter.
  • October 2015: Roland G-707/GR-700 1985 (review) Part 1, Steve Hunter.
  • September 2015: Roland GR-500 1978 (review) by legendary Steve Hackett.
Plus more! While I am no longer actively building guitar processors, I am committed to expanding the website every month. Future updates include full details on the Steinberger 24-pin guitars and basses, with photos, videos, and schematics!
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