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THIS WEEK'S TOP NEWS | August 27, 2019


Black Workers Call for City Council Summit on Discrimination in Hiring on City Projects
(OAKLAND POST) - African American contrac­tors and construction workers are opposing a proposal that has been presented to the City Council requiring that all jobs on city projects be awarded to building trades unions that dis­criminate against Black work­ers. Read More

Do ‘red flag’ laws actually save lives?
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) - The UC Davis Medical School this week released a report on the state’s new “red flag” law aimed at seizing guns from dangerous persons, saying the data “suggest that this urgent, individualized intervention can play a role in efforts to prevent mass shooting.” Read More

Pullman Porters’ Role in Creating West Oakland’s Black Middle Class
(OAKLAND POST) - At the California Historical Society in San Francisco, authors Thomas and Wilma Tramble pre­sented the rich history of “The Pullman Porters of West Oakland to a crowd of 50 people on Aug. 14. Read More

With whites and men still dominating the pool, how California hopes to create a diverse redistricting panel
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) - California extended the deadline to ensure that prospects for its 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission better represented the diversity of the state. Read More

Some Californians Say Moving From Natural Gas to Electricity Will Cost Too Much
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - Some labor and business leaders – as well as residents of different communities around the state – are pushing back against green energy policies that Sacramento has taken on to fight climate change. Read More
Byron Allen Accuses Department of Justice and Comcast of Working Together to Destroy a Civil Rights Law
(LA FOCUS) - In a piece written by Byron Allen, the founder and CEO of Entertainment Studios, Allen argues that Comcast and Donald Trump's Department of Justice are attempting to destroy a civil rights statute in the Supreme Court. Read More

Will the Cannabis industry surpass tech with employment perks?
(CARIBPRESS) - The U.S. cannabis industry employs more than 200,000 people in states that have legalized sale and use of the substance, and the figure is growing at an astonishing rate. Read More

JAY-Z Working with the NFL is a Good Thing
(PASADENA / SAN GABRIEL VALLEY JOURNAL) - Among other things, Jay-Z has become the entertainment director for the NFL. These activities will include on-field entertainment, and the half time entertainment for the Super Bowls. This is a major opportunity for Jay-Z’s RocNation. In my opinion, this is a good thing for everyone involved, and that includes Colin Kaepernick. Read More
NYPD fires officer for ’14 death of Eric Garner
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) — After five years of investigations and protests, New York City’s police commissioner on Monday fired an officer involved in the 2014 chokehold death of an unarmed black man whose dying cries of “I can’t breathe” fueled a national debate over race and police use of force. Read More

Education: The Backbone of Change for Black People
(OAKLAND POST) — Slaveowners were fully aware that their control of slaves must go beyond physical coercion.  Knowledge was power, and virtually all slave codes established in the United States set restrictions making it illegal to teach slaves to read or writer.  Read More

Marking 400 Years Since American Slavery
(CARIBPRESS) — CaribPress has long believed that Americans need to have a discussion about how to address the legacy of slavery and systematic discrimination in North America. In line with those goals, we held an event in Los Angeles during Black History Month to address those concerns.  Read More

Black homeowner dragged out of house in boxers and handcuffs after false burglar alarm
(NY POST) - A black man in North Carolina says he’s embarrassed about being handcuffed inside his home at gunpoint — and paraded to a police car while wearing only his boxers — after his home security system was mistakenly triggered, video shows. Read More

Mass shootings are a call to arms for some black Americans, not a moment for gun control
(THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC) - Black gun rights advocates say limiting access would make them more vulnerable to racist attacks, especially in the absence of real problem solving. Read More

FBI investigating photo faked to look like a racist post from Rio Americano High website
(SACRAMENTO BEE) - The image circulating on Facebook and Snapchat of what appeared to be a screenshot of Rio Americano High School’s website was titled, “District-wide High School No Black people policy,” with additional racist slurs in the message.  Read More

Assemblyman Chad Mayes’ anti-racism resolution might face pushback within GOP
(RIVERSIDE PRESS ENTERPRISE) - Condemning racism, xenophobia, nationalism, and white supremacy would seem non-controversial. But a resolution proposed by Assemblyman Chad Mayes to formally state the California Republican Party’s opposition to intolerance might face opposition from those who see his effort as a publicity stunt or a veiled swipe at President Donald Trump. Read More

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