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THIS WEEK'S TOP NEWS | December 10, 2019


City’s Homeless Efforts Are “Inefficient” and Often “Harm More Than Help,” Advocates Say
(OAKLAND POST) - Community members and the Oakland City Council came together this week to look at the successes and failures of ongoing local attempts to grapple with the city’s rapidly growing homelessness emergency and to propose comprehensive solutions that so far have remained elusive. Read More

Covered California Health Plans Help Prevent Disease in African American Communities
(WESTSIDE STORY NEWS) - This year’s open-enrollment period features some of the biggest changes since Covered California first began offering health coverage in 2014. First, two new state initiatives — the state subsidy program and the restoration of the individual mandate — were key elements in Covered California’s record-low 0.8 percent rate increase for the upcoming year. Read More

The Soaring Cost of California Pensions Is Hurting Employers and Taking Away Minority Contracts
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - In its annual report, released in November, CalPERS confirmed that it risks falling into “low funding levels.” If this happens, the agency responsible for managing the health and pension benefits of more than a million public employees in California may not able to pay its bills or pay out its commitments.  Read More

Loren Taylor Hopes to Use Federal “Opportunity Zone” Tax Breaks to Foster Local Development
(OAKLAND POST) — The Oakland City Council is seeking ways to minimize displacement of tenants and small businesses and leverage community benefits under the federal Opportunity Zone Program in the U.S. tax code created by the Trump Administration, which has so far been criticized for offering huge tax breaks to wealthy investors who open businesses or build real estate projects in low-income urban neighborhoods. Read More

Incidents Like Gabrielle Union’s “Too Black” Hair Will Soon Be Protected By New State Law
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - On Jan. 1, 2020, California will enact a new law, the CROWN Act or Senate Bill 188, that protects Black women and men from discrimination in the workplace for wearing natural hairstyles.  Read More

Kamala Harris Withdraws from 2020 Race Undaunted
(IE VOICE) - California Senator Kamala Harris surprised everyone last week when she announced she was suspending her 2020 bid for president of the United States.  Harris, an important voice among the Democratic Party’s slate of candidates, was direct in her explanation to supporter regarding why she withdrew from the competition.  “My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to continue,” she stated and continued. Read More
African-American Boys and Men in America Are Killing Themselves and No One Seems To Care
(WESTSIDE STORY NEWS) - Over the past several months the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released several reports about the demographics of this national disgrace. African-American men and boys continue to have a higher death rate in nine of the 10 leading causes of death than is seen in women.  It is most unfortunate that the overall healthcare system is inherently non-male friendly, and, in some health care situations men tell us they do not feel welcome at all. Read More

George Zimmerman Sues Trayvon Martin’s parents and others for $100 Million weeks before Christmas
(CARIB PRESS) - In the 2013 trial, George Zimmerman, 28, was acquitted for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin, a 17 years-old unarmed high school teenager, but weeks before the Christmas holiday he is suing the Martin’s family and their lawyers for $100 million, claiming they used a fake witness during his court case. Read More

Harris exit points to hurdles facing minority candidates
(LA WATTS TIMES) - The California senator abruptly withdrew from the race on Tuesday after her once-promising campaign failed to coalesce around a message that would resonate with voters. And without clear support from voters, Harris couldn’t raise the money needed to keep going. Read More
New study links weed smoking to cancer in men
(CARIB PRESS) — According to the meta-analysis of 25 studies, men who smoked at least one marijuana cigarette every day had a 36% increase in the risk of developing testicular cancer.  Read More

Study finds racial gap narrows in prison, jail, parole
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) — A new report by the nonpartisan Council on Criminal Justice says racial gaps have narrowed across the American criminal justice system between 2000 and 2016, the most recent data available. Read More

Unprecedented Attacks on Fair Housing Policies
(IE VOICE) — In blunt terms the report stated the Fair Housing Act is being attacked by the very federal agency charged with enforcing it—the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under the stewardship of the current Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson. Read More

Kamala Harris quit the presidential race just in time. Here’s what it means for her future 
(LA TIMES) - By quitting when she did, Harris avoided embarrassing losses in several early contests and, most important, her home state of California, preserving her status as a leading vice presidential prospect and positioning her as a strong candidate for a place in the Cabinet, such as attorney general, in a Democratic administration. Read More

Pete Buttigieg's real 'black problem': He has been convicted of white privilege
(USA TODAY) - Acknowledge the original sin, but also that white men risked their lives to end slavery and a black man led the way to marriage equality for gay people. Read More

Miss Universe 2019 Is Young, Gifted And An Outspoken Believer In 'Black Girl Magic'
(NPR) - When Tunzi was crowned as the winner of the 2019 Miss Universe competition on Sunday night, she took a moment to speak about the importance of shifting antiquated beauty standards — and finally celebrating "black girl magic." Read More

College Football Doesn’t Give Black Coaches Many Chances
(FIVE THIRTY EIGHT) - Where Willie Taggart goes, so goes history. The 43-year-old — whose parents worked in migrant fields — landed head-coaching gigs at Oregon and Florida State, two of the most coveted jobs in college football, at a relatively young age. At each of his four stops as a head coach,1 Taggart was the first African American to hold the position on a noninterim basis. Read More

McDonald’s black franchisees are leaving the chain as cash flow disparity between them and white counterparts grows
 (CNBC) - McDonald’s black franchisees are choosing to leave the chain, Business Insider reported Monday. In 2008, there were about 304 black franchisees at the chain and in 2017, there were 222. Read More

Deputy told to act like a ‘white supremacist’ when stopping black murder suspect
(WASHINGTON POST) - The sheriff’s captain said she didn’t want the murder suspect to know law officers were on to him when they pulled him over for thumbprints and a photo. Read More

“Black Wealth Friday” focuses on investing vs. spending during holiday season
(QCITYMETRO) - George Acheampong created Black Wealth Friday to help people of color invest 10% of the money they would normally spend on Black Friday. Read More

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