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THIS WEEK'S TOP NEWS | September 25, 2019


New Bill Temporarily Protects Ethnic Newspapers as State Cracks Down on Gig Economy
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - Last week, Gov. Newsom signed AB 5, the “Employee Misclassification Bill,” into law. The legislation changes the classification of more than one million jobs in California from “contractor” to “employee.” The week before, the California Senate voted 29-11 to pass the bill. Read More

Battle brewing in state over car pollution
(COMPTON HERALD) - With its size and power, California is ready for a battle royale with the Trump administration over control of car pollution rules. Transportation and legal experts at the state’s universities say the law and the market are on California’s side. Read More

California Lawmakers Tackled Hair Discrimination, Health Care, Wildfire Costs
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) - In their first year with a new governor, California lawmakers passed legislation aimed at guarding against financial harm from wildfires, deterring fatal police shootings and expanding health care to young immigrants living in the country illegally. That’s on top of efforts related to employment law, housing and requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns. Many of the bills are being closely watched across the nation and could prompt other states to follow suit. Read More

California Leaders, Activists Praise Kamala Harris’ “Reform First” Criminal Justice Plan
(WESTSIDE STORY NEWSPAPER) - Several political leaders as well as activists in California shared their reactions to U.S. presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris’ criminal justice reform plan. Read More

Kaiser Pharmacies Across the Country Served with DEA Warrants
(IE VOICE)- During the week of September 16, 2019 the nation’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) delivered administrative warrants to Kaiser pharmacies across the country including locations in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  Although it is still unclear regarding how many warrants were issued DEA spokesperson, Special Agent Kyle Mori, told KTLA news the agents were “monitoring the prescription and administering of controlled substances and inspecting pharmacy records.” Read More

Move to Lower Voting Age
(IE VOICE) - Seventeen-year-olds may soon be able to vote in primary and special elections in California if they turn 18 before the following general election. Read More

Los Angeles Launches Cybersecurity System To Detect Malicious Emails
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced L.A. Cyber Lab’s new Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform, as well as a free mobile app that will help people detect malicious email. Read More

Observer Founder Dr. William H. Lee Has Passed
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - He was tireless in the fight for access and respect for Black journalists and relentless in championing for Blacks to have a seat at the proverbial table.
Sacramento OBSERVER publisher emeritus Dr. William H. Lee went on to his glory, having passed away on Sunday, September 22. Dr. Lee was 83 years old. Read More
Nancy Pelosi launches impeachment inquiry
(COMPTON HERALD) — Full statement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on launching formal Trump impeachment inquiry. Read More

Facial recognition technology is targeting Black people
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) — Facial recognition technology uses algorithms to replicate the racial bias in policing that has had life-threatening consequences for Black people and our communities. This invasive technology is racist and inaccurate, misidentifies women and people of color, and reinforces a system of oppression that surveils and targets Black people on baseless grounds, while also demonizing our physical appearance.  Read More

California Charter Stories Bring Hard Data, First-Hand Experience to National School Choice Debate in D.C. at Congressional Black Caucus
(WESTSIDE STORY NEWSPAPER) - When the emancipation proclamation freed African-American slaves some 32 years later, slave-holding states like North Carolina did not automatically throw out the harsh anti-literacy legislation they had been using to oppress slaves. Those laws, the Jim Crow ones that followed, segregated schools, under-funded school districts – as well as other economic, political and social factors – all played a role in erecting barriers to a quality education for African Americans over the decades that followed. Read More

We Can’t Wait 72 Years to Cut the Nation’s Prison Population in Half
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) - America is making progress in repairing its grossly disparate approach to criminal justice, yet many are convinced the wheels of change are turning far too slow. The good news is since 2012 at least 39 of the nation’s 50 states have reduced their prison populations. But, at the current pace it will take approximately 72 years to cut America’s prison population by 50 percent. Read More

Presidential Debate: Education’s 13 Minutes of Fame
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) - Education finally took the stage at last week’s third televised debate between 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls, but apart from a consensus that the country needed to cough up more money for its underpaid teachers, the 13-minute segment was only notable for the reluctance of even the pack’s vocal charter school supporters to advertise that allegiance on national TV. Read More

Breaking Down The 2020 Democratic Presidential Field of Candidates
(THE DELUZ BROTHERS) - With 20 candidates hoping to represent the Democratic Party in the 2020 Presidential Election, there is a lot to analyze… or is there? David believes this group represents diversity and fresh ideas. Craig is convinced they are all cut from the same socialist cloth. Both agree there are entirely too many of them running for them all to be taken seriously.  Read More

LGBTQ ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists were watching Democratic donor Ed Buck, demanding justice
(LA TIMES) - Jasmyne Cannick was speaking at a Democratic club meeting Tuesday night when her phone buzzed with a text: The police were raiding Ed Buck’s West Hollywood apartment. Read More

San Clemente High investigation confirms S.D. students were taunted with racial slurs at football game
(SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE) - Brown said Lincoln’s investigation found that students were subjected to racial and anti-gay verbal abuse. She said students were harassed while trying to buy refreshments and use the restroom and told to “go back to Africa.” Read More

Delay in school ethnic studies plan would bring more voices to the table
(CALMATTERS) - As Gov. Gavin Newsom weighs a deadline extension for the fraught plan, other officials say they’ll hear from some 200 districts with programs already in place.  Read More

African migrants stuck in southern Mexico, their American dream on hold
(LA TIMES) - “Africa weeps. Free us.” That’s the message handwritten in French and Spanish on a protest banner at a tent city here in the southernmost tip of Mexico. Read More

Black Tenants Union Emerges in Oakland 
(KQED) - The leaders of a local nonprofit that helped push a statewide rent cap through the legislature this month are now focusing on building an African-American Tenants Union in Oakland. Read More

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