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THIS WEEK'S TOP NEWS | September 17, 2019


Gov’s Wife: Stop Paying Women Less Than Men for Doing the Same Jobs
(CARIBPRESS) - Diane Shelton was proud of her professional life. For more than 25 years, she held steady government jobs with the state Assembly as a legislative consultant, capitol office director, legislative director and chief of staff for seven different Assembly members, starting in 1984. Read More

Big Win in Sacramento for Anti Rent-Gouging and Eviction Protections
(OAKLAND POST) - After years of escalating and brutal displacement driving millions of Californians into poverty or homelessness, today, the California legislature this week passed Assembly Bill 1482 (Chiu) which is now headed to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. Read More

From ‘Reasonable’ to ‘Necessary’: California’s New Use of Force Laws Explained
(RICHMOND PULSE) - After a year-long process, the California Senate voted 29-1 to pass Assembly Bill 392. It requires officers to only use deadly force “in defense of human life” when a suspect poses an “imminent threat or serious bodily injury to themselves or others.” The bill also calls for officers to rely on training and exhaust all other resources available to them before shooting to kill. Read More

City of Inglewood and Los Angeles Clippers Negotiate $100 Million Investment in Housing and Community Programs
(INGLEWOOD TODAY) - The City of Inglewood has negotiated a community investment plan with the Los Angeles Clippers that, if approved by the City Council, will represent the largest package of local investments connected to the development of a sports arena in the state’s history. Read More

CA college students shell out $2k a month for housing, books, food alone
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) - The price of college has become a hot-button issue at both the state and national level, but data has been scarce about how much, beyond tuition, California students actually spend on the housing, food, textbooks and other non-tuition items that they also need to earn a degree. Read More

Starr King Elementary, segregation and wealth: The politics of liberal San Francisco’s ‘separate but equal’
(SF BAYVIEW) - A recent New York Times article about the segregation of schools across the district of San Francisco (San Francisco Had an Ambitious Plan to Tackle School Segregation. It Made It Worse) cites president of the SF Board of Education, Stevon Cook, stating that the problem arose inadvertently. It discusses issues of wide-scale busing needs and school zoning as contributing factors to the city’s segregation. That article pertains to segregation between schools, not within schools, and Starr King Elementary, the city’s single most segregated school, is not even mentioned. Read More

Questions About Oakland Promise: If It Wasn’t a Nonprofit, What Was It? What Happened to the Money for Scholarships for Kids?
(OAKLAND POST) - Questions continue to surface about the organization and accountability of “The Oakland Promise,” Mayor Libby Schaaf’s signature initiative that has raised millions of dollars since 2015 to help low-income families “to triple the number of high school graduates who …complete college by the year 2024.” Read More

Facing police opposition, California lawmakers limit bill to ban facial recognition
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) - Legislation that originally sought to permanently ban California law enforcement agencies from using facial recognition technology in police body cameras has been drastically watered down as it heads for its final votes in the state Capitol. Read More

A Warm Sendoff for E. Dotson Wilson, the Nations First And Longest-Serving African American Legislative Clerk
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - On January 6, 1992, the California Assembly elected E. Dotson Wilson as its Chief Clerk and Parliamentarian.  Read More
Congressional Black Caucus Slams the Trump Administration for Refusing Temporary Status to Bahamians
(LA WATTS TIMES) — As reported by NBC News, the Trump Administration has announced it will not provide temporary protected status to Bahamians who fled Hurricane Dorian. If granted, this status would have let Bahamians work and live in the United States until it is deemed safe to return to their home. Read More

Texas grandmother told to cut four-year-old boy’s hair
(CARIBPRESS) — A Texas grandmother is livid with her grandson’s school after they told him that his long hair violated the dress code. Randi Woodley says that when she took Michael to meet his teacher, she was called to the principal’s office to discuss the four-year-old boy’s hair.  Read More

Alabama prisoners and families rally in Washington DC to demand justice and equal protection Sept. 20
(SF BAY VIEW) - On Sept. 20, Unheard Voices OTCJ, along with the DC Abolition Coalition and allies will gather from 4 to 6 p.m. with a delegation of women and children from Alabama who have been personally impacted by the Alabama DOC to confront the Department of Justice for their inaction after finding ongoing, egregious Eighth Amendment violations in Alabama prisons earlier this year. Read More

Debating Trump.... Love him? Hate Him? Why? Why Not?
(THE DELUZ BROTHERS) - Donald Trump is arguably the most controversial President of our time. Some people hate him no matter what. Others love him no matter what. The Brothers debate the many arguments for and against President Donald Trump.  Read More

Black, Latino voters threaten to buck 2020 Democratic hopefuls over charter schools
(WASHINGTON TIMES) - The protesters outside the Democratic presidential primary debate last week in Houston were not right-wing activists or fans of President Trump. Instead, dozens of black and Hispanic voters chanted and hoisted placards demanding their party’s candidates stop toeing the line for teachers unions. Read More

Black Parents Can Help Bridge Cultural Divide Between Students and White Teachers
(NEWSWISE) - Bringing black parents into school settings can work toward shifting and closing the cultural disconnects between black families and predominantly white school personnel, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. Read More

Black Women Voters Are Key to the 2020 Presidential Race. Here’s Who They Support
(FORTUNE) - Amid studies showing black women will be key to next year’s White House race comes a new poll that shows this group of Americans is veering off from the status quo logged by other voters.  Read More

Black Americans doing great under Trump
(BOSTON HERALD) - The August jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed more great news for all Americans. And particularly for black Americans. The nation’s unemployment rate of 3.7% puts it near the lowest ever in the last half-century. Black unemployment is at an all-time low at 5.5%. Read More

California Legislature Approves Bill To Reduce Maternal Mortality Rate For Black Women
(KPBS) - California has the lowest maternal mortality rate in the country, according to the United Health Foundation's health rankings. But black women in California continue to die at a rate three to four times higher than white women from pregnancy or delivery complications. Read More

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