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THIS WEEK'S TOP NEWS | July 9, 2019


Governor Newsom Signs Legislation to Protect Employees from Racial Discrimination Based on Hairstyle
(CARIB PRESS) - California will be the first state in the nation to protect employees from racial discrimination based on hairstyle, similar legislation has been proposed in New York and New Jersey. New York City banned hair discrimination in February. Read More

Why Dem. Senators Richard Pan and Steven Glazer Are Holding Out Their Votes on Ethnic Studies Bill
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - But during the Senate Education Committee hearing on AB 1460, two Democratic senators, Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) and Steven Glazer (D-Contra Costa) stated that they support the goals and the idea of Ethnic studies in higher public education – but they both stepped back from voting for the bill. Read More

Mental health expert calls for ban on Berkeley police use of ‘hooding’
(SF BAY VIEW) Berkeley Copwatch renewed its call for a ban on the practice of hooding mental health patients and supports a proposal coming before the Berkeley City Council from the Mental Health Commission on July 9 to ban the practice. Please attend the meeting and speak out for humane alternatives. Read more
California Re-enacts Key Provision of Obamacare
(IE VOICE) Members of the California Assembly and Senate have voted to reauthorize a key provision of Obamacare halted by the nation’s Republican led congress as part of the tax overhaul that also delivered billions of dollars in tax breaks to the nation’s wealthiest citizens as well as corporations. Read more

Apply Now for the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission
(BLACK VOICE) — What is this Commission? Every ten years, after the federal census, California must re-establish the boundaries of its Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, and State Board of Equalization districts to reflect the State’s new population data and shifting populations. The Voters FIRST Act, passed in 2008, gave this power to California citizens through a 14-member independent commission to ensure that new and fair political boundaries would be drawn without special interests, politics, and political influence. The process for selecting the new commissioners has begun. Read More

Black Women United March on The State Capitol
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - Hundreds showed up to the State Capitol recently to celebrate the power of Black women and put folks on notice about how that power is being wielded in unprecedented ways. Read More

Supreme Court Ruling Delivers Major Blow to Minorities, Democrats
(LA FOCUS) - “In giving such gerrymanders a pass from judicial review, the majority goes tragically wrong,” wrote U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan when the court delivered its majority opinion on a couple of closely watched cases involving partisan jerrymandered district maps in North Carolina and Maryland (the Maryland case favored Democrats and the North Carolina case favored Republicans).  Read More 
Fact-Finding is the First Step in Reparations Discussion
(OAKLAND POST) - The revived debate on the Reparations issue reminds us all that the struggle for social, political and economic justice for African Americans con­tinues as discussion on HR- 40, the proposed legislation, came to the U.S. Congress. Read More

A Celebration, A Sham, A Call to Arms: Why Independence Day is Complicated for African Americans
(LA WATTS TIMES) - “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” When Frederick Douglass asked this question during an Independence Day speech in 1852, he exposed the flagrant hypocrisy of White Americans who celebrated their country’s freedom and independence from tyranny, while nearly four million American men, women and children remained enslaved – no closer to freedom than they had been in 1776.  Read More
Cincinnati’s First Black Female Juvenile Court Judge Faces Jail Time After Sham Trial Exposes Racism, Cronyism and Corruption
(LA WATTS TIMES) — What they haven’t addressed is the travesty of a racially- and politically-motivated conviction of Tracie Hunter, Cincinnati’s first African-American female Juvenile Court Judge in Hamilton County’s 110-year history. Hunter was also the first Democrat to serve in that capacity. Read More

Blacks, Latinos More Vulnerable to Consumer Fraud
(OAKLAND POST) — African Americans and Hispanics continue to be victimized by consumer scams at li slier rates than white Americans but are more reluctant to report their experiences, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) officials lathered in Milwaukee. Wis. Read More

African Americans Fought for Independence
(INGLEWOOD TODAY) — In October 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Black Revolutionary War Patriots Act, authorizing a memorial to be erected in the nation’s capital, in what is deemed Area 1, “the National Mall and its environs.” The planned memorial will honor the 5,000 enslaved and free African Americans who served the cause of Independence from 1775-1781.  Read More

Black women mayors: A rising force in major American cities
(LA TIMES) - When Mayor LaToya Cantrell — the first woman to lead Crescent City — took office earlier this year, she saw an intricate form of injustice. Read More

Black women almost twice as likely to suffer stillbirths, study shows
(LA TIMES) - Black women are almost twice as likely to experience a stillbirth as white women according to ‘alarming’ research which experts said show the effects of racial and social inequalities in society. Read More

Willie Brown: Democrats’ dream ticket is Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg
(SF CHRONICLE) - If the Democrats really want to generate some interest in the presidential race, the ticket should be Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. I’m not saying a combo of the California senator and South Bend, Ind., mayor would win for sure. But it could, because it would certainly throw President Trump off his game. Read More

Fifty years after desegregation, wide racial and ethnic achievement gaps persist in Berkeley
(EDSOURCE) - Fifty years after Sen. Kamala Harris was bused to Thousand Oaks Elementary School from her home in the Berkeley flatlands, the district is still grappling with persistent racial and ethnic disparities that decades of concerted efforts have failed to eliminate. Read More

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