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THIS WEEK'S TOP NEWS | August 20, 2019


California Now Has One of the Strongest Police Use-of-Force Laws In the Country
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - It was a historic day as Gov. Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that was created to address the number of Black and brown people who are killed at the hands of law enforcement officers. Read More

Working, But Still Homeless, in California
(OAKLAND POST) - When Will More Than $2.7 Billion The State Has Invested  in Fighting Homelessness and Building Affordable Housing Reach the People Who Need it? Read More

School Lunch Could Be Slashed For Thousands of California Children Under Federal Proposal
(SAN BERNARDINO AMERICAN) - Thousands of children in California would no longer qualify for free school lunches if a federal proposal to cut the number of food stamp recipi­ents is finalized. Read More

Cops Have Killed 107 Black Californians Since 2015
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - In May, less than a week after the Assembly approved the landmark bill that Black Legislative Caucus chair Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) authored, police officers in Walnut Creek, a suburb of Oakland, shot and killed Miles Hall. He was a 23-year-old African-American man. Read More

California Officer Likely Unaware of Killer’s Criminal Past
(LA WATTS TIMES) The man who suddenly grabbed a rifle and opened fire during a traffic stop just off a Southern California freeway had a long and violent criminal history that the police officer he killed most likely knew nothing about as he filled out paperwork alongside the road. Read more

Sacramento files lawsuit to ban 7 men from business district
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) — The city of Sacramento has filed an unusual lawsuit to ban seven men considered to be a “public nuisance” from a popular business corridor. Read More

California’s unemployment rate at 4.1%
(CARIB PRESS) - The non-seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Los Angeles County rose to 5% in July, compared with a seasonally adjusted rate of 4.5% in June, the state Employment Development Department reported today. Read More
Police Use of Deadly Force Against Blacks—More Rule than Exception
(BLACK VOICE NEWS) - The risk of being killed by police in America is determined by one’s race, gender, and age especially in communities of color where violent encounters with police historically do not end well. Read More

How Racism Affects Health
(COMPTON HERALD) - Racism Has Adverse Health Effects, New Study  By DR. BILL J. RELEFORD, D.P.M. Over recent years there has been a remarkable increase in scientific research looking at the various ways racism adversely affects health. Read More

A National Crisis: Surging Hate Crimes and White Supremacists
(PASADENA / SAN GABRIEL VALLEY JOURNAL) - A Saturday morning shooting rampage in El Paso, Texas on August 3 took the lives of 22 people, and seriously injured more than two dozen others. Reportedly, the alleged shooter wanted to kill as many Mexicans as he could. Armed with safety glasses, ear coverings and an assault-style rifle, the shooter entered a Walmart store during a back-to-school sale. Read More
NFL Teaming with Jay-Z on Entertainment and Social Activism
(OBSERVER SOCAL) — The NFL and Jay-Z’s entertainment and sports representation company are teaming up for events and social activism. Read More

Reparations and the Purging of Racism in American Churches
(OAKLAND POST) — As presidential hopefuls look to secure the Black vote, it is perfectly clear that a discussion concerning reparations is unavoidable. Not only is it unavoidable, but it is also necessary, because the deeper that we move into this discussion, we will discover how complicit the American church was, and is still engaged into the furtherance of racism in America.  Read More

Inglewood man targeted blacks in hate-crime shootings that killed two, D.A. say
(LA TIMES) - An Inglewood man has been charged with murder, attempted murder and hate crimes in connection with a series of shootings last summer that prosecutors say targeted blacks in South Los Angeles. Daniel Martinez, 30, pleaded not guilty to the amended charges Monday, nearly a year after the 2018 shootings, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Read More

Minorities in the Bay Area grapple with racism, anxiety in Trump’s America
(SAN JOSE MERCURY) - Some residents of the mostly inclusive Bay Area feel unwelcome in their own country. Read More

‘Stand Your Ground’ trial begins today for white man charged with killing Black man over parking space
(THE GRIO) - Michael Drejka, who gunned down a Black man, Markeis McGlockton, just mere seconds after getting shoved during a confrontation over a handicapped parking space, is set to stand trial today, CNN reports. Read More

Morally corrupt drug pricing policy hurts black LGBTQ community the most
(THE HILL) - Lowering prescription drug prices was a rallying cry for politicians in last year’s midterm election, and people came out in droves to support candidates who promised action on this front. Read More

Black housekeeper not allowed to clean church because priest's dog 'doesn't like black people'
(USA TODAY) - After an investigation, the Catholic Diocese of Memphis says “claims of racial bias and discrimination are unfounded” regarding allegations by two women that a priest discriminated against one of them by rejecting her as a house cleaner on the basis of race. Read More

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