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THIS WEEK'S TOP NEWS | July 2, 2019


In California, a blue wave and progressive governor: So why are so many leftist plans going under?
(BLACK VOICE) - An unprecedented haul of tax dollars generated by a roaring economy. A governor who campaigned on a big-ticket policy agenda of long-time lefty favorites, including universal childcare and state-funded healthcare for all. A Legislature so thoroughly packed with Democrats it gives rise to a new term—”giga-majority.” Read More

“We Have a Crisis,” Says Gov. Newsom As State Pumps 1.7B in Homelessness Fight
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) - Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a $214.8 billion state spending plan he and legislative leaders are calling “the Affordability Budget” for the 2019-20 fiscal year. Read More

San Francisco Becomes First U.S. City to Ban Sales of E-Cigarettes
(OAKLAND POST) The city of San Francisco on Tuesday voted to impose a blanket ban on e-cigarettes — making it the first American city to outlaw the sale, distribution and manufacturing of vaping products. Read more
Hiring Black Census Employees in California Could Avert an Undercount
(SACRAMENTO OBSERVER) The California Census Office believes there will be higher participation among African Americans during next year’s census if “trusted messengers” help get the word out and go door-to-door conducting pre-surveys, educating people and helping some fill questionnaires in Black communities.  Read more
Richmond Ends Contract with Surveillance Agency Linked to ICE
(RICHMOND PULSE) — The Richmond Police Department’s contract with an automated license plate reader and face-recognition software company will expire after residents concerned about the company’s relationship with immigration authorities urged the city council to vote against a possible extension. Read More
An Official Apology to California’s Native Americans
(IE VOICE) - On behalf of the state of California last week Governor Gavin Newsom issued a formal apology in the form of an Executive Order for the violence, maltreatment and neglect perpetrated throughout the state’s history against its Native American population.  Read more

If you protest implicit bias training, perhaps you haven’t suffered from discrimination
(BLACK VOICE) — Well-intentioned individuals have undetected biases that impact their perceptions and decisions, producing discriminatory behavior and unequal treatment of people based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age and other characteristics. Read More

‘Last Black Man in San Francisco’ Tells a Familiar Story
(RICHMOND PULSE) -The Last Black Man in San Francisco has incredible cinematography, an exceptional cast and a marvelous story line that engages you in a dramatic story about home and family. The film snaps a portrait of San Francisco’s mix of people, their culture, and the city’s demise due to pollution and gentrification. Read More

New 24-Hour Black News Channel to Launch in November
(LA FOCUS) - Starting November, fans of network news will have a new 24-hour channel available to watch with the Black News Channel, a multi-platform news and information channel.  Read More 
Cory Booker defends Senator Kamala Harris
(CARIB PRESS) - Cory Booker defended California Senator Kamala Harris after President Trump’s son, Don Jr., said she wasn’t Black enough to discuss the plight of Black Americans. Read More

Democrats Hope Mueller Testimony Will Have ‘Profound Impact’
(LA WATTS TIMES) - The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says he expects special counsel Robert Mueller to have “a profound impact” when he testifies before Congress on July 17, even though Mueller has said he won’t provide any new information. Read More
BET and Tyler Perry Team Up for New Streaming Service
(LA FOCUS) — A new streaming service from BET and Tyler Perry named BET+ will be home to new original dramas, films, sitcoms and specials along with all of Perry's work starting this Fall. Read More

Milwaukee tackles its legacy of consumer fraud
(ONME NEWS) — African Americans and Hispanics continue to be victimized by consumer scams at higher rates than white Americans but are more reluctant to report their experiences, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) officials.  Read More

PBS: “Good Guy with a Gun” is a Deadly American Fantasy
(COFFEE WITH CRAIG) — PBS says Good Guys with Guns are a Myth. Here's why they are wrong.  Read More

California set to be first state to protect black people from natural hair discrimination
(LA TIMES) - Some customers have asked her to cut their locs — short for dreadlocks — because their bosses deemed them unacceptable. Others hadn’t worn their natural hair in so long they forgot what it looked like. That’s why Williams welcomes proposed state legislation that would make California the first state to protect black employees from discrimination based on hairstyles. Read More

Joe Biden struggles and Kamala Harris surges after clash over race and busing
(LA TIMES) - Joe Biden struggled Friday to overcome renewed doubts about his presidential candidacy and his place atop the field of Democratic hopefuls as Kamala Harris, fresh off a commanding debate performance, continued to question his record on civil rights. Read More

Democrats feel power in diverse field of candidates
(SF CHRONICLE) - The 2020 Democratic presidential field is a historically diverse group of candidates, and that’s already having a profound and palpable effect on the primary campaign Read More

School busing in Berkeley during Kamala Harris’ childhood was both voluntary and volatile
(LA TIMES) - The school bus ride was less than three miles from one side of Berkeley to the other, but from 1969 to 1973 it transported Carole Porter to an entirely different world. Like her neighbor and friend Kamala Harris, Porter was one of thousands of black children bused into predominantly white neighborhoods to learn. It was part of Berkeley’s bold experiment in desegregation. Read More

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